The Cow Power of the Modern American Brahman

The BRC female stands in a class all her own. In fact, in the last decade, BRC has been home to more national and international champion Brahman females than any other ranch in the USA.

What’s our secret?

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer have combined their unique strategic visions to perfect the art of breeding Brahman females that are both visually stunning and commercially driven. Moderately framed and functional. Great udders and a great look. Length of body, bold spring of rib, and perfect feet and legs. Simply put, these cows are bred to perform in every way.

Breeders, judges, academics, and commercial cattle producers worldwide credit B.R. Cutrer as building the modern American Brahman female prototype — and we have the purple banners and a waiting list of repeat replacement heifer customers to back it up. The BRC cow represents the highest level of excellence in modern Brahman breeding.

Beautiful.Useful. Durable. Functional. Timeless. The best in Brahman females are bred by BRC.

A Longstanding Legacy of Brahman Excellence

You may notice that only a few of our females - and the younger ones - carry the BRC hip brand. Why, you ask? Rachel and Brandon have had their own separate breeding program since 2010, but for several decades Rachel’s cattle were branded a part of her grandfather, Sloan Williams’s herd.

The BRC brand was first put on BRC females in the fall of 2019. We are honored and proud of the huge demand for the BRC brand from breeders all around the world — from calf scrambler kids to international dignitaries — all of whom regularly tell us, “We want the NEW brand!" The BRC brand has quickly become the Brahman breed’s new icon of excellence, and we are thankful for the huge demand for our cattle and genetics worldwide.

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Better All The Time

The next generation should always be better than the last. Sure, ranchers hear a lot of talk about cow power. But here at BRC, Brahman cow power is fully re-imagined. The BRC brand stands on our promise of exceptional quality through and through.

The BRC brand represents Brahman cattle with unmistakable quality, backed by a century of astute cattlemen and women. But we’ve taken that one step further. One step higher. One step better. We take great pride in constantly honoring the past while fine-tuning the future to adapt to the changing needs of the global beef industry.

Quite simply, BRC is the most innovative and future-oriented Brahman operation in the USA.

BRC prioritizes form and functionality in Brahman cattle. Every detail of Brahman breeding is carefully considered to emphasize quality, durability, and profitability. Our storied tradition of excellence in American Brahman cattle breeding demonstrates our refusal to compromise on our methods or values of complete business honesty, treating people right, and of course raising the best cattle in the business.

Let us help match you with the perfect Brahman for your program and ignite the BRC spark in your herd.

Get started by filling out our “Buy a Brahman” form and let the BRC team go to work for you.

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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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