miss v8 797/6 scurred brahman cow

BRC Miss V8 797/6 (S)

Officially registered in ABBA as Miss V8 797/6
ABBA #: 863058
Born: January 2007
Sire: +JDH Sir Avery Manso
Dam: +Miss V8 98/6
Cow Family: 98


#1 All Time Champion Producing Polled Grey Female of the ABBA, as reported by The Brahman Journal, April 2021

+Miss V8 797/6 who is lovingly called "Pork Chop" is one of the early foundation donors of BRC who has made an impact on our herd for nearly 10 years. As a show female, she was very popular for her moderate frame, and lots of body and functionality.

Currently 797 has over fifty progeny recorded in ABBA. Like 797, her progeny are known for their consistency in moderate frame and lots of functionality. We feel that is in part one of the reason's she's been so successful in producing quality offspring by a variety of sires for over a decade - because she's a rock solid cow that will work with any bull.

Her most recent headliners include two of the animals on our BRC show string: BRC Independence 22 and BRC Leather and Lace 21. Both of these were 2nd in class as babies at the 2020 Houston Livestock Show in the biggest classes of the day.

An interesting fact is that Miss V8 797/6 was selected as the favorite female of the entire V8 herd when we did a joint partnership flush back in 2014 which resulted in producing our herd bull 750. She produced two excellent calves for Kyle, including JDH Lord Vader Manso, now a herd bull for Douglas and Virginia Townsend, and also JDH Lady Starship Manso 716/8, a keeper heifer for J.D. Hudgins.

BRC Miss V8 797/6's Progeny

brc miss v8 505

Miss V8 505/7
Headline donor for Rosa del Alba in Mexico
High selling female of a past Houston Livestock Show Sale

BRC Independence 22

BRC Independence 22 (Scurred)
Former herd bull for BRC & Williams Ranch @ Turkey Creek


Miss V8 274/7
Direct daughter of 797
Sired by Mr. V8 380/6
Reserve National Champion Female
BRC Donor

mr v8 20/8

Mr. V8 20/8
Past feature lot in a V8 Ranch Bull Sale
Son of +Miss V8 797/6
Owned by SRS Land and Cattle

jdh lord vader manso

JDH Lord Vader Manso 892/8
Son of +Miss V8 797/6
Sired by JDH Berkman Manso
Bred by Kyle Hudgins
Owned by Douglas and Virginia Townsend


Miss V8 103/8
Direct daughter of 797
Donor for BRC


Mr. V8 135/7
Former Herd Sire and Popular AI Sire
Son of 797

miss v8 508/7 polled brahman heifer

Miss V8 508/7
Donor for BRC
Daughter of 797

miss v8 638/7

Miss V8 638/7
Past feature lot of the V8 Ranch Power of Production Sale
Direct daughter of 797

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