JDH Lady Elmo Manso 412/4


ABBA Number: 892297

Date of Birth: 3/9/2010

                    (+)JDH Sir Lawford Manso
SIRE: +JDH Mr Elmo Manso
                    $JDH Lady Ellis Manso

                    (+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso
DAM: JDH Lady Blossom Manso
                    JDH Marti Maddie Manso

JDH Lady Elmo Manso 412/4 is a super impressive, big boned, high volumed cow that is making a great impact in our program. She has proven herself as the ‘anchor cow” from the deal we made to purchase the Brahman herd for Southern Cattle Company two years ago. She is sired by +JDH Mr Elmo Manso 309/4 and out of a Liberty x Madison cross JDH cow. Her super pedigree and superior phenotype caused us to start using her in our donor program. She is double-bred JDH Madison de Manso, both Brandon and Rachel’s favorite Brahman bull of all time. She is the dam of 5 current members of the BRC show string: Mr. V8 555/8, Mr. V8 566/8, Mr. V8 641/8, Miss V8 46/9, and Miss V8 117/8, and Miss V8 112/8.

Miss V8 112/9
Sold for $16,750 in the BRC Fall 2019 Production Sale
Direct daughter of Lady Elmo 412/4


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