Miss V8 636/7


ABBA Number: 905093

Date of Birth: 9/18/2011

                    +JDH Karu Manso 800
SIRE: +MR. V8 380/6
                    Miss V8 170/6

                    +Mr. V8 777/4
DAM: Miss V8 779/5
                    Miss V8 200/4

Miss V8 636/7 is another one of our great stories about "fate" and God's plan in your life. So we 636/7 was a heifer that was originally sold by V8 Ranch and sold to a junior show family. That junior show family had decided they no longer wanted her, and were looking to sell her. Even though she was not really ever a champion, we loved her size, and power, and this was also around the time when we had seen the very successful Powerstroke progeny in Guatemala from the JL Morales family - so we bought her from the junior show family. But, for "good luck" we put her in Annie's name and gave her to Annie to help build her herd. We were hoping this could possibly be the cow that helped put Annie's herd on the map, similar to what Jennessa did for Mollie.

And, she hasn't disappointed.

In our spring 2020 calf crop, 636 has the best bull - Annie's Copperhead - and several of our top calves.

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