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May 25th at BRC Ranch

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The Future of Brahman is BRC

BRC Ranch, established in 2019 in Boling, Texas, tells a story of starting from nothing but a dream, defying the odds, and soaring to the top of the Brahman cattle world in an unprecedented way. The BRC Ranch story is one of power of the American Brahman, the Texan spirit and a legacy that combines over 150 years of family ranching mixed with a trailblazing spirit of courage to break barriers, and change lives. 

At BR Cutrer, Inc., time-tested ranching traditions meet cutting-edge innovation. Owned by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer, BRC stands as the USA's premier Brahman cattle operation. We're not just raising championship cattle; we're champions of the Brahman breed's future. 

But our story isn't just about cattle; it's about inspiring the champion spirit within each of us. It's about proving that, with grit and passion, anyone can rise from the dust to touch the sky. At BRC Ranch, we don't just breed, we lead. 

Our roots run deep, but our influence spans the globe. With the BRC bloodline roaming across six continents and over 40 countries, our success is a reflection of the quality we uphold and the values we cherish. We're on a mission to deliver not just the highest quality Brahman cattle but also the knowledge that fuels happiness and prosperity in the ranching business.

Thank you for joining us at the home of The Modern American Brahman®. At BRC Ranch, the spirit of champions resides in our every endeavor, and we're here to inspire you to reach for the stars and conquer the world, just as we have done. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of the Brahman breed, because here at BRC Ranch, the sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning.

Enter the hall of fame. Our elite cattle have taken home banners from every major Brahman competition in the world.

Champion Pedigrees

BRC Champions
Maximize your ranch's potential. BRC bulls and heifers are bred for premium qualities of appearance, practicality, and fertility.

Premium Cattle

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Breed with the best. BRC sires produce best-in-class offspring, and we offer tailored results to fit your breeding program.

Time-Tested Genetics

BRC Sires
Benefit from marketing support through Brahman Country Genetics and Ranch House Designs to increase awareness of your cattle ranch. 


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Start small. We'll partner with you on investments to help you get started. We have cattle for sale to fit all budgets.

Investment Partnerships

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Join in the fun. At BRC, we love hosting the Brahman community for workshops, camps, socials and events at our ranch throughout the year. 

Tight-Knit Community

Learn About Brahman
Over the Hump

Over the Hump

Love podcasts? Love Brahman cattle? Then tune in to "Over the Hump" - BRC's Brahman podcast featuring discussion on Brahman trends, history, people, and the stories that shape our great breed. 

New episodes launch every other week on Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube.

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Upcoming BRC Brahman Events and Activities

We invite you to join us for these upcoming activities hosted by B.R. Cutrer, Inc.

28 May
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Brahman Burger Day

07 June
All Day

Vytelle Summer Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

10 June
All Day

BIF Convention, Knoxville, Tennessee

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Meet The Modern American Brahman

Why Brahman Cattle

New to Brahman?

There is so much to learn and love about the noble Brahman breed. We're here to help direct you to the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Learn about what makes Brahman a wise choice for your ranch here.

Download our New Brahman Breeder Guide here.

National or International Grand Champions around the world bred by BRC bloodlines in the last five years.
Ranchers worldwide trust BRC to supply their Brahman genetics. 
Countries imported BRC genetics in the last year.
Units of semen sold on BRC bulls worldwide in the last two years.

2022 Beef Improvement Federation Seedstock Producer of the Year

The Key To Maximum Performance

Brahman Bulls For Sale

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The people behind The Modern Brahman

BRC Leads The Way

Meet BRC
It all comes down to the cows. 150+ years of maternal excellence.

BRC Cow Families

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With You Every Step of the Way

When you invest in BRC, you're not just buying a cow; you're entering into a partnership where we work tirelessly to ensure you see a return on your investment. Unlike some operations where you might buy a premium-priced cow and then be left on your own, struggling to recoup your investment, we stand by you every step of the way. We ensure that you're not just buying cattle, but also gaining a partner dedicated to your success.  From our annual Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale to our cooperator bull program and steer calf buy-back initiatives, every program we offer is designed to enhance your success and profitability.

The BRC Promise of Integrity in Sales

A Rare Double

Performance Cattle That Dominate the Show Ring

BRC’s modern Brahmans are rare breeds, indeed. The kind of cattle who can do it all - like in 2023 year when BRC was named ABBA Performance Breeder of the Year AND exhibited the International Champion Grey Brahman Female, National Champion Bull, and National Champion Female. Those type of awards usually don’t go hand in hand. But, it’s what happens when real-world ranching knowledge combines with a champion spirit and a love for big wins. Because we work just as hard to bring you practical performance traits as we do to keep you keep you winning in the ring. And we’re just gettin’ started. The future of Brahman is BRC.
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Trusted by the World's Best Brahman Breeders

Let's work together in expanding the Brahman breed.

We believe the goal of any reputable seedstock producer is for others to flourish with your genetics. The BRC team is positioned to lead the Brahman breed into the future in the United States and across the globe thanks to our combination of progressive technologies and old-school Brahman knowledge and practicality. Join us for the best Brahman cattle buying experience imaginable, and we’ll work together to improve your cattle operation and the world's beef industry.
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The BRC brand means something to people in our industry. Welcome to the family.

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BRC Ranch Business Office
1730 North Richmond
Wharton, TX 77488

BRC Ranch Headquarters
10406 FM 1301
Boling, TX 77420

Phone: 979-532-9141 
Fax: 979-532-9977


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Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our team prioritizes family and may not be available for phone or emails during non business hours and holidays. Your inquires will be answered on the next business day.

All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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