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We invite you to join us for these upcoming activities hosted by B.R. Cutrer, Inc.
January 31, 2023

Modern Gulf Coast Ranching Webinar

Modern Gulf Coast Ranching
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February 16, 2023

Department of Animal Science - Texas A&M University

Rachel Cutrer presents a keynote on marketing in agriculture.
February 27 - March 3, 2023

Houston Livestock Show

International Brahman Show
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May 27, 2023

Brahman Country Genetics Female Sale

Boling, Texas
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October 20, 2023

Brahman Days Workshop

Save the date for Friday, October 20th in Boling, Texas for the Annual Brahman Days Educational Workshop and evening events at the BR Cutrer Ranch.
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Premium Bloodlines Crafted to Perfection. The Future of Brahman is BRC.

Tradition matters to us. But so does progress. And hard work. And treating people right.

A lot of our cattle carry a different hip brand than BRC. Why? While Rachel and Brandon had their own separate breeding program, for several decades their cattle were branded under the name of her grandparents’ herd.  Rachel’s grandfather, Sloan Williams, created the “R”, "M" and "AC" shoulder brands for Rachel, Mollie and Annie Cutrer, and we proudly shared our love of cattle with him during his lifetime.

Now, BRC has created their own legacy by taking their time-tested bloodlines, breed-leading performance, and classic style into uncharted territories of genomic excellence and premium marbling, arriving as the unmistakable leader of distinction in the Modern American Brahman® . 

National or International Grand Champions around the world carrying BRC bloodlines
Ranchers Trust BRC for Their Brahman Genetics
Countries Imported BRC Genetics To Improve Their Native Beef Industry In 2020
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2022 Beef Improvement Federation Seedstock Producer of the Year!

Iconic Cattle. Unmistakeable Lineage. BRC Is Elevating The Brahman Breed

From every angle, the BRC Modern American Brahman strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary—emanating timeless sophistication and classic style.

BRC Brahmans have been skillfully bred for generations to help you achieve whatever your ranching goals may be. Tough in the pasture, efficient, able to thrive even amid heat, drought and storms—yet magnificently made, gentle, and capable of producing exceptional beef to feed the world—a BRC Brahman is designed to exceed every expectation and re-define ranching success.

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The people behind The Modern Brahman

BRC Leads The Way

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A New Era of Brahman Has Arrived

The BRC Brahman bull battery consistently produces the most exquisite Brahman champions in the world. Linebred for excellence for decades, they’re known for optimum performance, carcass quality, and good dispositions.

No matter where you are in the world, we’ll put our eight generations of Texas ranching heritage to work for you. We use modern technology, such as genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (EPDs), and offer robust customer support to help you select sires that best suit your needs.

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It all comes down to the cows. 150+ years of maternal excellence.

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Learn more about how to be successful in the Brahman breed.

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The preferred choice for both crossbreeding and purebred beef.

Why Brahman Bulls

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Climate Smart Ranching

As ranchers face a changing environment and changing consumer needs, BRC Ranch and their globally famous Brahman cattle are positioned to help your ranch stay successful for the future. All Brahman cattle thrive in hot climates, but there's only one herd that's producing highly marbled, high quality heart healthy Brahman beef to feed a changing world, and that's BRC. Through our genomics research, we have identified the cattle with superior marbling and tenderness, and those cattle are ready to revolutionize the beef industry as we know it through crossbreeding and pure breeding with Brahman cattle and maintaining the beef quality expectations.

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Trusted by the World's Best Brahman Breeders

Let's work together in expanding the Brahman breed.

We believe the goal of any reputable seedstock producer is for others to flourish with your genetics. The BRC team is positioned to lead the Brahman breed into the future in the United States and across the globe thanks to our combination of progressive technologies and old-school Brahman knowledge and practicality. Join us for the best Brahman cattle buying experience imaginable, and we’ll work together to improve your cattle operation and the world's beef industry.
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The BRC brand means something to people in our industry. Welcome to the family.


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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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