The Bulls of BRC

At BRC Ranch, we are proud to stand at the forefront of the American Brahman breed with our unrivaled bull battery. Our commitment to excellence, driven by pedigree, performance, conformation, breed character, and functionality, has made us leaders in the Brahman world.

Across six continents, the world's most elite Brahman breeders embark on journeys spanning thousands of miles to obtain the BRC bloodline through our outstanding sires - known as the gold standard in the Brahman business.

BRC Ranch is the global leader of elite Brahman bulls, uniting top breeders worldwide in the pursuit of Brahman perfection. We invite you to explore our exceptional Brahman sires and join us in the passion of excellence in Brahman cattle breeding.

The future of Brahman is BRC.

BRC Brahman Champions Collection

BRC Ranch boasts an impressive roster of sires that have achieved remarkable success in the show ring. Our champions have earned numerous accolades and championships worldwide - in every continent where Brahman shows are held -  solidifying our reputation as a leader in the Brahman world. When you choose a BRC sire, you're choosing a legacy of excellence.

Upcoming Brahman "Young Guns"

Promising, up and coming young sires are the future of BRC and the Brahman breed. We believe that "every generation should be better than the last" and embrace the mindset that while our older bulls are outstanding - our young bulls should be even better! Let the excitement begin!

BRC Brahman Showcase Collection

Stylish, show oriented Brahman bulls.

BRC Brahman Signature Ranching Collection

Low brithweight, functional bulls to be used in functional ranching AI programs.

BRC Legacy Brahman Collection

Established, legacy sires bred by BRC Ranch with semen available for export in the $20 to $25 range.

Bos Taurus Breed Sires

At BRC we believe in the power of the Brahman x Bos taurus cross for raising great cattle in hot climates. We are proud to also offer semen on top Red Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn bulls to use in crossbreeding in the tropics.

Brahman Reference Sires

Though not available for semen sales, these bulls are often seen in BRC pedigrees. They include natural service sires at the ranch as well as prominent bulls who's semen is no longer available.

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Discover the Difference of Using BRC Bulls.

What sets BRC Ranch apart from other Brahman ranches and positions us as the leading global Brahman cattle source? BRC offers the total package for both old-school breeders and progressive visionaries.

Disciplined in Pedigree and Breeding Strategy:
The "brains" at BRC are true cattle breeders - and that's something that's become a lost art in the Brahman breed. We live the ranching life every single day. We base our breeding decisions on training from generations past matched with our own futuristic vision for the beef industry.

Every animal produced by BRC begins with a strong foundation in pedigree - including DNA verified bloodlines. Every mating is strategically planned by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer and Keaton Dodd, featuring the best in BRC bloodlines, but rooted in real world functionality.

Exemplary Conformation:
Conformation is the cornerstone of any successful breeding program, and we are unwavering on the strict criteria it takes to receive the BRC brand. We take great care to ensure that each sire possesses impeccable conformation, characterized by strength, balance, and structural soundness. The BRC "Modern Brahman" look has become a global icon of what Brahman breeders strive for in their breeding programs.

True Breed Character:
Breed character is what distinguishes American Brahman cattle, and at BRC Ranch, we hold this trait in the highest regard. Our sires exemplify the quintessential Brahman look, with their distinctive humps, droopy ears, ideal pigmentation, and well-defined dewlaps. We are proud to breed cattle that embody the true essence of the Brahman breed.

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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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