Creating the Modern American Brahman Bull Base

Everybody says they have the best bulls. We have the proven results to back up the claim.

B.R Cutrer is the proud home to some of the most respected sires in the Brahman world, including the finest sires for performance, beef, calving ease, and show ring. Our bull battery features championship bloodlines and breed leaders in a variety of economically important traits, including performance, carcass quality, calving ease, and the show ring.

Our bulls are visually flawless. But there’s more to modern cattle production than meets the eye. That’s really where BRC bulls truly excel. BRC is creating the finest, most genomically proven Brahman experience for our customers. Our cattle carry the certifications for the finest pedigrees, curve-bending performance, and proven genes for carcass quality and tenderness. These aren’t just claims from “the eye test” or superficial production settings — they’re real numbers verified by genomics through our partnership with Zoetis’s Brahman Country evaluation. BRC is the only Brahman ranch in the USA using this caliber of technology. Our customers can breed BRC bulls with full confidence in the results they will get.

The future of Brahman is BRC.

See the Fall 2022 BRC / Brahman Country Genetics Sire Summary

How to buy BRC semen in the USA

  • Limited semen is available through GeneSource and Bovine Elite.
  • If you are ordering 20 units or more at a time, we offer private treaty semen sales direct to the rancher. Request an estimate to get started or call us at 979-532-9141 or email
  • Once per month, usually on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, we offer a "BRC Genetic Drop" through our online store. This is a 24-hour window where we update the monthly semen collection inventory and offer it to the public. The monthly BRC Genetic Drop also features rare semen, flushes, and embryos. Join our mailing list to stay informed.
  • NEXT DROP DATE: Starting February 22 to March 8 in conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show
Next Genetic Drop will be February 22 to March 8

Purple Banner Showring Sires of Champions

These Brahman bulls represent the best of the best in BRC genetics: proven sires of show ring champions in the USA and worldwide.

Large Framed Performance Sires

Brahman bulls frame size 8 or higher to give your herd added frame size while still maintaining power.

Moderate Frame Power Sires

Bulls that will moderate frame size but add performance the right way: by making cattle wider, deeper, and more muscular.

Calving Ease Sires

These Brahman bulls are ideal for breeding to Brahman or Bos indicus heifers and for crossbreeding of mature Bos taurus cows.

Gentle Disposition Sires

These docile, easygoing Brahman bulls are the most easy-handling and user-friendly of the bunch.

Polled / Scurred Brahman Sires

For the customer looking for smooth-polled or scurred Brahman sires.

Carcass Sires

These Brahman bulls have proven to increase marbling, tenderness and overall carcass quality in their offspring.

Reference Sires

Though not available for semen sales, these bulls are natural service sires at the ranch and are thus heavily reflected in the pedigrees of many of the Brahman cattle we have for sale.

Sires for Crossbreeding with Brahman

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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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