BRC Mr. Boom Box 38


ABBA Number: 1001038

Date of Birth: September 20, 2019

Owned by: 3R Brahman Ranch

                    +Mr. V8 458/7
SIRE: MR. V8 146/8
                    +Miss V8 805/6

                    +Mr. V8 380/6
DAM: MISS V8 21/8
                    +Miss V8 382/7

The world’s highest concentration of championship genetics! 8 Houston Grand Champions In his Three Generation Pedigree.

The ONLY pedigree with multiple Houston champions as the sire and dam! Boom Box is an excellent candidate for a herd bull, breeding piece, or AI sire with the highest concentration of championship genetics available in the Brahman world. Semen will be marketed through Brahman Country Genetics in the future.

A pedigree of champions
Dam, Miss V8 21/8 “Boom Shaka Laka”, is a 2-time Houston champion female and National Champion Female, and sire is a 3-time Houston champion bull. +Miss V8 382/7, Karu and 901 are also Houston grand champions. And, +Miss V8 100/7 and +JDH Mr Elmo Manso are past national champions. He is also a maternal half brother to “Dutton”, the 2019 Reserve National Champion Bull and to the 2020 Houston Grand Champion Female, Miss V8 824/8, bred by BRC and owned by GKB Cattle.

The Quality and performance you expect
Boom Box is super sound, with lots of capacity, depth, and rib shape, and a super clean sheath. His solid grey uniform color is also very appealing at an international level. With Boom Box’s strong concentration of Noble and Boom Shaka Laka genetics, Boom Box ranks in the Top 5 percent of the breed for weaning and yearling growth.


BRC Mr. Boom Box 38
Calf Champion Bull
2020 Kickoff Classic