M2 BRC Captain 518

M2 BRC Captain 518/1

ABBA #: 1003565
Born: January 2016
Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: +BRC Miss V8 645/6
Cow Family: Jennessa
Owned by BRC & Wichita Ranch

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Breed Character: ★★★★   Calving Ease: ★★★★
Marbling: ★★★      Disposition: ★★★★     
Maternal: ★★★★         Show Appeal: ★★★★★

  • #4 BW trait leader in the spring 2022 Brahman Country Genomic Evaluation

Captain is the #1 most popular AI sire of 2021 for BRC. A upcoming legend for his moderation, natural muscling, and soundness. Never a show bull, what you see is what you get with Captain - and people LOVE him. Quickly becoming a go-to choice for real world cattle with excellent phenotype. Backed by 191/7 and the great Jennessa cow family, Captain represents a multipurpose sire for every situation.

The "Captain" Story
M2 BRC Captain 518/1 was raised by Steve and Nancy Martin of Wichita Ranch in Texas, as a result of embryos they purchased from us in 2015 during our Houston stall specials. The dam of these embryos - +Miss V8 645/6 - is from  Steve Martin's all time favorite cow family from us (Jennessa). When he saw these embryos for sale, he jumped on them. 645 was a former show female for Rachel, and is the mother of the famous Bulls Eye Prada (purchased from a flush from us) and Mr. V8 277/7, the popular bull we sold to Colombia to Ganadera 2R. Everything out of 645 just flat out works. Longevity, fertility, and great maternal strength are loaded here in this cow family.  

Fast forward to early 2018, we were visiting Wichita and looking at calves and we spotted Captain in the pasture. Initially, we thought it was maybe 306, since they are both so dark pigmented. We said - 'Who is that bull Steve?" So he drove over and showed us, and we were blown away. He said it was the bull he raised from the embryos. Being show oriented - Rachel said, "Steve, you need to call James Daniel and get this bull halter broke - he could win Houston!"  Steve laughed and said no, he wasn't interested in halter breaking a 2-year old bull that had never been fed a lick of show feed. But the bull definitely made an impact on us. 

In the fall 2019, the Martin's daughter Elle posted a picture of Captain on her Instagram. Rachel saw it, and immediately texted Steve again: "who is this bull?" He explained once again it was the bull from the embryos. Knowing he was out of our great cow, Rachel asked Steve to sell us an interest in the bull. We felt he was exactly the 'missing link' our specific new BRC program was needing. We have a lot of Noble and 380, but had been looking for something to breed these daughters to, and Captain is the answer. 

So in the spirit of friendship and cooperation, the Martin's sold us half of Captain, and the rest is history. He will likely be the #1 most widely used AI sire in the USA for 2020 because every progressive minded breeder has used Captain. He works on red and grey and reverse sorts like a dream.

I know sometimes people say, don't do business with your friends. Steve has always said "If you can't do business WITH your friends -then who can you do it with?" Every moment of this partnership (and all our partnerships with the Martins) have been just 100% true pleasures. This bull - and the Martin's friendship - are huge blessings to our family and BRC and this partnership has been nothing short of a dream at every level. Both of our families and ranches are proud to see the M2 / BRC genetics being so widely used around the world for the benefit of many ranches worldwide.

Lady H 556/2 2022 Reserve National Calf Champion Female

Lady H 556/2
2022 Reserve National Calf Champion Female
Sired by Captain
Bred by Heritage Cattle

BRC Katie Bar the Door Mercedes

BRC Katie Bar the Door 143
Calf Champion Female
2022 Rio Grande Valley

BRC Cactus Diva

BRC Cactus Diva 167
Reserve Grand Champion Female
2022 South Texas State Fair

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle
Junior Division Champion Female
2022 AJBA All American

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle Grand Champion
BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115
Grand Champion Female
2022 Jambalaya Classic
M2 BRC Captain 518/1 x BRC Sweetie 486/8
BRC Good 4U
BRC Good 4U 154
Grand Champion Female
2022 Southwest Louisiana District
Daughter of 382 x Captain
Captain daughter

Miss Rafter T 99
Calf Champion Red Female
2022 Cattlemens Congress Show
Sired by Captain 518/1
Bred by Rafter T Ranch

BRC Ella Bella Boom
BRC Ella Bella Boom 159
Reserve Calf Champion Female
2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Jr. Show
Sired by Captain
BRC 125

BRC Tugboat Captain 125
Sold for $40,100 in our 2021 Best of the Fall Born Sale
Sired by Captain 518/1

BRC Ella Bella Boom 159

BRC Ella Bella Boom 159
$44,100 High Seller
October 2021 BRC Best of the Spring Borns Sale
Sired by Captain 518/1

brc lady glitter sparkle

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115
Sired by Noble out of BRC Sweetie
2021 Bluebonnet Kickoff Classic
Calf Champion Female

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115

BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115
Sired by Noble out of BRC Sweetie
2021 Bluebonnet Kickoff Classic
Calf Champion Female


Miss J4 06/0
Bred by J4 Cattle
Exhibited by Harleigh Strack
Sired by Captain out of a JDH 840 daughter

Captain Daughter

Miss Rafter T 98
Grand Champion Female
2021 Sugar Classic Junior Show
Sired by Captain 518/1
Bred by Rafter T Ranch
Owned by Grace McCall


+Miss V8 645/6
Dam of Captain

Captain calf

Captain Calf - Spring 2021
Raised by Rafter T Ranch.

Captain calves

Captain calves bred by J4 Cattle.

Captain calf

Captain Heifer - Spring 2021
Out of a Detering Red Brahmans Female raised by Rafter T Ranch.

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