ECC Polled Maverick 302/9

ECC Polled Maverick 302/9

ABBA #: 1004492
Born: June 2019
Sire: #Bardia Ambassador 170
Dam: Miss Double A 468/7
Name Backstory: Named by the England family after the popular release of Top Gun Maverick.
Owned by: BRC & England Cattle Company. Sub Sahara rights owned by LAB Brahman. 

Breed Character: ★★★★   Calving Ease: ★★★★★
      Disposition: ★★★★★     
Maternal: ★★★         Show Appeal: ★★★

BRC is world renowned for our exceptional polled cow family, the 98 cow family, making it one of the strongest in the breed's history. Over the past decade, the BRC niche polled program has consistently produced outstanding polled her sires, such as 279/7, 794/7, Polled Phenom, Butler, and 139/7, among others.

While we firmly believe in the power of cow families, we also understand the importance of introducing outside blood to refresh our polled program. In our quest to find the perfect outcross polled sire, we conducted a thorough assessment of polled programs worldwide. Our top choice emerged from England Cattle Company, the #1 polled Brahman program in the USA. Social media played a pivotal role in connecting us with Polled Maverick, whom Mollie introduced to us during the summer of 2022. After negotiating with the England family, we acquired half interest in Polled Maverick in the fall of the same year.

Polled Maverick stood out among all other polled bulls in the world for several reasons. Not only does he possess the traits we were seeking in a modern polled American Brahman, such as low birthweight, high performance, sound structure, powerful muscling, hindquarter, clean sheath, and moderate frame size, but the opportunity to partner with a respected family like the Englands was the icing on the cake.

Pedigree-wise, Polled Maverick is sired by Bardia Ambassador, an Australian import that the England family acquired during their visit to the World Brahman Congress in Australia several years ago. His dam, a Double A cow, comes from a lineage with which we are already quite familiar, as Rachel had been involved in showcasing many of the Acevedo family's early champions back in the 2000s. Maverick's maternal side boasts great maternal sires like The Rock, Gotham Manso, and Remington, and it's worth noting that the bull's three-generation pedigree includes the famous Miss V8 600/4 "Whitney," whom Rachel had shown to numerous championships during her junior show career, adding a delightful touch of nostalgia.

Semen from Polled Maverick will be available on a limited basis from both owners, providing Brahman enthusiasts with a chance to incorporate his exceptional genetics into their breeding programs.

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