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You know a BRC Brahman bull or cow when you see one. We offer access to the world’s best Brahman beef cattle. See how the Brahman breed can improve your herd.

8 Benefits of Using Brahman Cattle On Your Ranch

  • Heavy Muscling

    In today’s cattle industry, most are sold by the pound. Brahman cattle maximize heterosis in crossbreeding and are known for producing a lot of beef with their deep-bodied, muscular builds. And our BRC cattle are known for heavy muscling, which leads to heavier weaning weights and larger ribeye areas.

  • Desirable Carcass Traits

    Our focus on breed improvement has resulted in cattle with high marbling and tenderness. Our Brahman steers consistently grade USDA Choice and our Brahman Country Beef program features steers that grade 100% USDA Choice.

  • Heat Resistance

    Brahman cattle have been bred to handle heat and drought conditions. They thrive in hot, humid, and rainy environments, including those found in Central and South America, Australia and Asia.

  • Efficient Grass-to-Beef Converters

    Efficiency is the ability to convert feed into pounds of beef. Brahman-cross cattle consistently produce more weight per day of age (WDA) than most other cattle breeds. They also do well in locations where forage is limited. Their efficiency translates into lower feed costs, less inputs and more profit for you.

  • Insect Resistance

    Brahman cattle have a short, dense hair coat and thick skin. Add these features to their ability to shoo flies away by twitching their skin, and you have a healthier, insect-resistant herd.

  • Great Mothers with Longevity

    Brahman cows give a lot of milk. They also live for 15 to 20 years – nearly a decade more than other breeds on average. The result? Long-term producers of healthier, heavier calves. More calves mean more money for you as the rancher.

  • Delicious, Healthy Beef

    Brahman beef is tender and delicious. It is also lean, so it’s lower in fat and cholesterol. Your customers will love that Brahman beef is a healthy protein choice.

  • Docile and Intelligent

    Majestic, docile, and full of heart and personality. The Brahman is one of the most intelligent, graceful breeds you can own. Owning cattle featuring the championship BRC bloodlines is the status symbol equivalent of owning horses sired by Kentucky Derby champions. The BRC brand is an icon of quality in the Brahman world.


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