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Here at B.R. Cutrer, Inc., the Cutrer family is very blessed to have over a century-old tradition of breeding Brahman cattle. We’ve been able to learn from of the greatest individuals in the breed.

Since going out on our own, we understand first hand that questions come up, and thus we have made education a top priority of B.R. Cutrer, Inc.. We can usually answer most questions whether it ranges from beef cattle production to technology, but we realize not everyone has that luxury. We are committed to helping others learn about Brahman cattle. We offer several educational opportunities for our customers and those interested in Brahman cattle.


Brahman Country Annual Brahman Workshop

Recordings of the 2020 Brahman Days  are now available! Watch full videos of the 2 day presentations at your own page, as often as you'd like!
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History of Brahman Pedigrees

Want to learn more about Brahman pedigrees?

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll get an in-depth overview of the major bulls that have shaped the Brahman breed, and a bit of the stories behind them. Keaton Dodd goes decade by decade to talk about different cattle types, bloodlines, and their impact on today's modern Brahman. A must-see course for anyone wanting to become a true student of Brahman pedigrees.
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Interest in Brahman cattle is at an all time high! But, we don’t recommend getting started in the breed unless you have an idea of how the cattle can work for you, and how you can make a viable business out of your Brahman herd. The good news is, we’re here to help!  Let’s setup a 20-minute call where Brandon or Rachel Cutrer can help share a road map for how you can use Brahman cattle in either a purebred or commercial cattle operation. Learn the basics of where Brahman cattle thrive, what makes them a great choice, and more!


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