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Unlock the potential of your ranch with BRC's top-quality Brahman cattle for sale. Prospective customers are warmly welcomed to visit us at BRC Ranch in Boling, Texas, as seeing our cattle in person is the ultimate way to choose the perfect additions for your program.

At BRC, our cattle stand apart. We’re leading the future of the Brahman industry with Brahman cattle that excel in every measure—from their striking appearance and robust genetic profiles to their outstanding performance and efficiency. Our results speak for themselves: those who know quality cattle see the BRC difference. Our cattle not only look exceptional and perform superbly, but their offspring continue to set industry standards.

If you’re serious about success and demand the best, BRC is your only choice.

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Brahman Replacement Heifers for Sale

Want the best in Brahman females? Come see us at BRC and select from replacement heifers and show heifers featuring the finest in Brahman bloodlines and quality. Heifers are sold on an individual basis or in groups. Heifers can be exported to most international countries.

Call us at 979-532-9141 or email to schedule a ranch visit.

New to the breed? We recommend downloading our New to Brahman Guide before making your first purchase. It's designed to help you navigate your venture into Brahman breeding as successfully as possible.

Brahman Bulls for Sale

The next chance to acquire a top-tier BRC Brahman bulls is at our next sale in November 2024.

Discover the unmatched excellence of BRC, the nation’s premier source for Brahman bulls, where demand outstrips supply and the average sale price consistently climbs. Our commitment to 'the Modern Brahman'—a standard that ensures each bull is not only visually striking but also fertile, gentle, and easy to manage—has set a new benchmark in the industry. Coupled with a focus on enhanced marbling, BRC Brahman bulls offer all the sought-after traits without any drawbacks.

From clinching the title of BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year to securing back-to-back National Brahman Bull Championships, BRC is the brand of Brahman excellence.

But, BRC's goals extends far beyond the glitz of show rings. We are steadfast in our commitment to producing ranch-ready bulls that embody the perfect blend of high visual appeal and ranch reality. Our bulls are bred to thrive in the real-world ranching conditions, where functionality and performance reign supreme. Our focus on functionality, efficiency, fertility, and performance-oriented genetics - all backed by DNA verification and genomics - ensures that each bull in our lineup is a true asset to any ranch program.

Why BRC for Bulls?

Legendary Brahman Cows For Sale

While we currently do not have aged Brahman cows available for purchase, our BRC Brahman females continue to be internationally celebrated for their elite genetics and championship production. You'll see BRC females leading many of the elite Brahman herds worldwide.

Due to overwhelming demand for our Modern Brahman bloodline, we are presently offering only weaned and yearling heifers for sale. These young females embody the quality and traits that breeders and cattle enthusiasts seek, making them an excellent addition to any herd.

Explore Elite Genetics with BRC Frozen Brahman Embryos for Sale

At BRC, we are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to international clientele through the sale of our Brahman embryos. From time to time, we have excess embryos from our top matings, which are frozen due to a lack of recipient cows on our end. These embryos represent the identical genetic pairings that have produced some of the champions of BRC. By purchasing these embryos, you can introduce these elite genetics directly into your herd. Our current availability of Brahman embryos is updated and posted on our online store.  Note that our embryos are not cleared for import into Australia or the European Union. This is your chance to elevate your breeding program with proven, championship-level Brahman genetics.

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BRC Brahman Semen For Sale

We sell a wide variety of our world-class Brahman bull semen for convenient insemination. The BRC semen operation is globally renowned for exceptional bloodline pedigree and our semen is available to be shipped promptly across the globe. USA customers can order in our online store below. International customers, please email to begin your order.


Brahman Steers for Sale

We are excited to offer a selection of Brahman steers for sale, perfect for those looking to maintain agricultural exemptions while adding the beauty and resilience of the Brahman breed to their ranch. Known for their majestic presence and adaptability, Brahman steers are an excellent investment. They are low maintenance and thrive in various environments, making them ideal for both seasoned ranchers and those new to the field. Owning a Brahman steer not only provides a practical benefit for maintaining your ag exemption but also allows you to showcase one of the most unique and regal cattle breeds. Invest in a Brahman steer today and enjoy the long, healthy life and remarkable resilience that this breed has to offer.

Can you send us pictures?

Many Brahman cattle shoppers ask, "Can you send us pictures of what you have for sale?" While we understand the significance of visualizing potential purchases, we opt not to send out preview pictures of our cattle for sale. Why? First, we value building relationships with our clients. We don't just sell BRC's to anyone. We sell BRCs to people who truly love the cattle business, who strive for excellence, and who share our same values. So, we prefer to kickstart our interactions with a phone or text conversation, where we can understand your needs and discuss how BRC Brahmans can best serve you.

Furthermore, our ranch welcomes visitors from around the globe every week, and we regularly introduce new calves into our sale pens each month. This dynamic nature of our inventory ensures that we consistently offer the highest quality Brahman heifers to our clientele.

Instead of relying solely on pictures, we invite you to immerse yourself in the BRC experience by visiting our ranch. Here, you can witness our exceptional Brahman cattle firsthand. There's simply no substitute for seeing these magnificent animals up close, observing their traits, and feeling their presence. And, at your visit, we can get to know you, and determine the best animals for your goals, vision, and ranching program.

At BRC, our reputation for excellence precedes us. We're celebrated for our unwavering commitment to quality, and our customers recognize that selecting BRC means choosing the very best. Most visitors who come to us have already decided to build their herds around BRC's superior genetics - they aren't shopping around or making decisions off a text message picture.

So, we extend a warm invitation to you to visit us at BRC Ranch. Come see why discerning breeders trust BRC for their Brahman needs. Experience the difference firsthand and select the perfect additions for your program. We look forward to welcoming you to our ranch and assisting you in your journey to breed success.

Discover the BRC Brahman quality difference.

More Than A Respected Brand.
BRC is the Future of Brahman.

BRC is far more than a respected brand—it's a complete, industry-leading program focused on the beef industry from inception to completion. We take the time to listen to your unique goals, provide personalized support, and help you create a realistic plan for success in the cattle business.


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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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