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Naturally resistant to insects, heat, and disease, Brahman cattle are incredibly adaptable and versatile in a variety of environments including harsh environments where other breeds of cattle simply can’t make it. So, it’s no surprise BRC has sold Brahman genetics to every continent in the globe, other than Antarctica. And, with BRC's focus on carcass quality, you can use Brahman cattle and still get that healthy, delicious Brahman beef.

Health and Wellness With Brahman Cattle

Brahman cattle are one of the oldest ancient breeds of beef cattle, with their lineage dating back as old as civilization itself. Pictures and carvings of archaeological excavations in Pakistan as early as 3,000 B.C. depict the Guzerat breed of cattle, which is a base of the Brahman breed. Egyptian royalty also depicted humped cattle in their pictographs and hieroglyphics in 1500 B.C.

Brahman is often referred to as "the Ferrari of Cattle." They're so much more than other breeds.

As breeds of cattle were domesticated, geographically speaking, several breeds emerged. The "British" breeds are those originating in England, Scotland, Ireland and other British countries. These breeds would be Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, and Red Angus. The "European" breeds are those originating in France, Switzerland, and Germany - like the Charolais, Simmental, Chianina, or Maine Anjou. The Wagyu and Akaushi breeds originated in Japan. Brahman cattle trace their roots to India.

Pure Indian Descent

Mr V8 376/8 Dutton BRCThe base of the BR Cutrer herd of Brahmans traces their roots directly to the 1924 importation of Indian cattle via Brazil. For example, BRC's Dutton's pedigree on the sire side traces to the 1924 importation, including a ancestry of 458/7 Noble, Elmo, Lawford, Madison, 202/3, Atari, Gregory, Elefante, JDH V8 Rha L Manso, V8 708 , JDH Rex Emperor de Manso, JDH Rex A. Manso, Aristacrat Manso 20th, Aristacrat Manso, Manso, Aristocrat (Imported in 1924) and Barao (Brazilian sire). This pedigree features 18 documented generations dating back prior to 10/10/1921.

Many of the females lines of BRC also trace back to William States Jacobs breeding, which was a herd famous for their "Pure of India" descent.

These cattle are considered the sacred cattle of India. We have carefully selected for pure bloodlines and a focus on excellence in body conformation and eye appeal.

Brahmans are Different

Once look at a Brahman and you can see that visually, it is remarkable. The size, the prominence, the shape, and the color all combine God's majesty into a breed of cattle. Brahmans or Bos indicus cattle are known for their distinct hump, which is not found in other breeds like Angus, Hereford, Charolais or Wagyu.

As you spend more time with Brahman cattle, you find they are inquisitive, intelligent, and respond very well to human interaction. It is a generally accepted fact in the beef industry that Brahman cattle are the most intelligent breed of cattle. They are very protective of their offspring, their herd, and even their "humans" that have shown them kindness.

Here at BRC, and many other Brahman breeders agree, Brahmans are "good for the soul." Gentle Brahman cattle and their distinctive personality are known to improve mental health and wellness.

If you are one who likes to pet animals, you'll immediately see a difference in Brahman. First, they are very friendly, and often approach humans naturally. They love to lick and be petted. Then, if you touch a Brahman, you'll find that after a few moments your hands are covered in a dark oily substance. This is the secretion of sebum, which also helps repel the heat. Brahmans, once they trust a human, are fully trusting and fully responsive to love and kindness.

Or, if you're one who just enjoys cattle watching, it is an amazing feeling for mental clarity to simply sit in silence and peace and watch the Brahman cattle grazing in their natural habitat. It is fascinating to visually watch the herd behavior, the cattle interaction with each other, and the beauty of God's creation.

Brahman Beef

tri tipOthers speculate that eating Brahman beef has health benefits due to the animal's photosynthesis of the sunlight and ability to withstand head. Ancient philosophers and medicine men believe that the hump is the central conductor of the sun's photosynthesis which helps the Brahman cattle withstand heat than other breeds. As a result, ancient Indian philosophers believed that fat in Brahman beef was considered liquid sunlight and liquid gold.

While these are simply speculative ideas, or stories passed from generation to generation, we do 100% believe that gentle Brahman cattle are part of a happy, healthy life.

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