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Brahman Cattle Photo Gallery

Here is a great resource of Brahman cattle photos! You are welcome to use these for non-commercial purposes like educational presentations, slide shows or more. We simply ask that you credit BR Cutrer, Inc. if you use these Brahman cattle photos. Hope you enjoy!

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The Future of Brahman is BRC!

The BRC Brahman team is raising the bar in the world’s finest Brahman cattle and the best service in the business.

The Cutrer family operates over 350 head of Brahman cattle, and supports major Brahman cattle improvement programs with a combined focus on cattle with exceptional visual quality, performance backed by genomics, education and customer service. 

Our heritage – both in our family bloodlines and cattle bloodlines – combine a legendary history in the Brahman breed.  But, Brandon and Rachel Cutrer aren’t content with just going with the status quo or the ways of old. We are elevating the Brahman breed – it’s programs, opportunities, and service – to excellence never before offered in the Brahman world – and we want you to be part of it. 

Founded in 2019, but backed by over a century of courageous Texas cattle pioneers, BRC is a family-owned and -operated cattle ranch committed to exceptional Brahman cattle with lasting quality. With a long history of breeding classic and championship Brahman cattle, the new BRC brand caries on a storied tradition of American Brahman cattle breeding, refusing to compromise on their methods or values. 

If we can help you in any way, please contact us or join our mailing list!

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  1. I would be Ecstatic to be on your mailing list. I left a comment earlier in regarding how helpful your articles are in gaining knowledge on Brahma Cross cattle. Sharing your information has been so rewarding to me. Reading your history, how you have accomplished so much in the cattle industry, I tip my hat to you ! 👌😊

    Denise Carrasco

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