Why Breed Brahman Cattle

October 4, 2019

By Rachel Cutrer

For us here at B.R., Cutrer, Inc., raising Brahman cattle is second nature. It’s what we do. It’s what feeds and supports our family – and has for over 100 years. However, we realize not everyone is so fully ingrained in loving Brahman cattle as we are. So, if you have been considering using Brahman cattle in your farm or ranch, we share with you: our top 10 reasons to breed Brahman cattle. 

1. Crossbreeding’s Common Denominator

Brahman cattle are the best breed for crossing with a Bos taurus animal – like Angus, Hereford, Charolais, etc. In fact, you can really cross Brahman with anything and see improvement. The Brangus, Beefmaster, and Santa Gertudis breeds are great examples of this – all of these breeds contain a Brahman base. Years and years of land-grant university research shows that using a Brahman x a Bos taurus animal gives you the maximum amount of heterosis or hybrid vigor possible in the beef industry. And quite simply – more pounds means more profit in today’s beef industry.

2. Heat Tolerance

Climate change is here. Brahman cattle are the most heat tolerant breed and are designed to thrive in hot, humid, and rainy environments. Brahman cattle have four times as many sweat glands as other cattle, and more skin. This means greater surface area, and more ability to sweat and repel the heat. When other breeds will be sitting under a shade tree in the summer, your Brahman cattle will be grazing and working. People often ask how Brahmans do in colder temperatures. We’ve found that when given the chance to acclimate prior to winter, they actually can do fairly decent. They will grow a thick undercoat to help protect them from the cold. The BRC team has sold Brahman cattle as far north as Iowa and Tennessee. 

3. Efficiency

Efficiency in the beef industry means the ability to convert feed to pounds of beef. Brahman cross cattle are consistently known to produce more weight per day of age (WDA) than most other breeds. This is especially important in the summer months, because Brahmans will continue to finish in hot weather. Better efficiency means lower feed costs, less inputs, and more profit. 

4. Carcass Quality

Whoa! Bet you might not have thought this would be on the list! The Brahman cattle of the 70s and 80s that got a bad rep for carcass quality are a thing of the past. In fact, Brandon and Rachel we have been focusing on selecting and producing Brahman cattle with high marbling and tenderness for more than a decade. We recently launched our own Brahman Country Beef program, with a focus on high marbling steers with 100% Brahman bloodlines. Our cattle rank as some of the highest quality Brahmans for marbling, tenderness, and retail product according to the American Brahman Breeders Association Carcass Evaluation program and EPDs. 

5. Heavy Muscling

Brahman cattle from the BRC program are known for their heavy muscling, which translates to heavier weaning weights and larger rib eye areas. Let’s be honest, in today’s cattle industry, most cattle are sold by the pound – whether it’s by the pound at weaning or by the pound on the rail. Either way – Brahman cattle with heavy muscling and hybrid vigor generate more pounds, which means more money in your pockets. 

6. Insect Resistance

Have you ever seen some of the giant mosquitoes we have down here in Texas? Combine that with things like ticks, flies, gnats, and other pesky insects can take a real toll on your herd. The Brahman’s short but dense hair coat and thick skin help repel these insects. They also have this really cool skin twitching ability where when an insect lands on them – they’ll do this twitch and get the insect off their body. Next time you’re around a Brahman try it and see. This motion helps them avoid insects and stay healthy.  

7. Mothering Ability

As Brahman breeders, we have a love-hate relationship with protective Brahman mama cows. We’ll be honest, you have to keep an eye on them right after calving. But that’s the beauty of it, too. Brahmans were made to thrive in the harshest of conditions. And when we say harsh, think of deep south Texas in the brush and cactus. Or, think the Amazon rain forest. A Brahman cow has survival instinct second to none. We’ve personally Brahman cows fight off coyotes, wolves, buzzards, and any other predator that stands in between her and her baby. Brahmans are survivors. That mother will do anything to protect her baby.

8. Health and Hardiness

The Brahman’s ability to stay healthy is one of the most economically important traits, since being healthy and quite simply staying alive means more money in your pocket as a breeder. This is especially important in the feedlot stage, where death loss can be your biggest economic impactor.

9. Intelligence

It’s been said that Brahman cattle are some of the most intelligent breeds of cattle in the world. We believe it. A Brahman has the memory of an elephant, which can work for or against you depending on how you handle and treat them. We’ve found that when you handle Brahman cattle slow and patiently, and in the same routine day after day, they’re some of the easiest cattle to work. They’re naturally curious, which also means they’ll probably come right up to you in the pasture and expect a good scratch or two. 

10. The Majesty of Brahman

Old school breeders can spot a Brahman of fine breeding like ours a mile away – they have the look. Their head carriage. Their body presence. The way their ears perk up. Their personality. It’s like they know they are pure descendants of India and their ancestors belonged to royalty.  The Brahman is the most majestic and noble breed on earth.  

Okay okay, we said the list of 10, but there are so many reasons to use Brahman cattle here are a few bonuses! 

11. Longevity

Did you know a Brahman will outlive most Bos taurus breeds? It’s not uncommon for Brahman cattle to be producing well past 15 years of age. Longer years in production means more calves, and more money for you as a rancher. 

12. The Global Brahman Family

When you buy a Brahman from B.R. Cutrer, Inc., you become part of an elite circle of global Brahman breeders, including crown princes of Asia, political dignitaries from Central America, esteemed stockmen from Australia, professional athletes, and yes, even plain old country people like us. Being part of the BRC Brahman family gives you the opportunity to do things like visit the Houston Livestock Show, attend our annual customer appreciation gala, come to our educational workshop each fall, and travel the world attending shows all across Mexico, Central America and South America. It’s a wonderful group of people who give you the foundation for a lifetime of memories. 

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