Brahman Beef Cuts

December 18, 2019

For the commercial cattleman, beef is ultimately why we’re in business. Through our Brahman Country Beef program, we have seen first hand how health, performance, and carcass merit directly impact a rancher’s bottom line. Our goal is one day a Houston Champion that has the genetics to grade USDA Prime – and we think it can happen! We made this handy chart to show the different beef retail cuts on Brahman cattle.

In our beef business, we’ve noticed a few things.

  • The high end cuts like Ribeyes, New York Strips, Filets – always sell fast and sell at a premium. These come from the rib and loin area. This translates to our selection program of breeding cattle with lots of natural muscling and large ribeyes.
  • Ground beef – which makes up a pretty good portion of the carcass – is a low price point but sells in volume. Which to us means it’s equally as important as the high end cuts.
  • The Brahman hump roast is a specialty cut that also sells out super fast. We get two hump roasts per steer, so they are in limited supply.

One thing we have directly discovered from our beef business – the Brahman breed’s first 100% Brahman retail beef brand in the USA – is that POUNDS and PERFORMANCE matter. At a very basic level, more pounds = more beef = more profit. We’ve also realized the importance of marbling and tenderness in our cattle, which is why we are working on steadily improving the carcass merit of Brahman cattle.

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