Mr. V8 139/7 (P)


ABBA Number: 899442

Date of Birth: 1/13/2011

BRC Power Rating: 65.29

BRC Cow Power Rating: 100.17

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                    +JDH Karu Manso 800
SIRE: +MR. V8 380/6
                    Miss V8 170/6

                    +JDH Sir Avery Manso 159
DAM: +MISS V8 797/6 (S)
                    +Miss V8 98/6 (P)

139 is very long bodied bull with high performance and a lot of eye appeal and power. Compared to The Butler, he has higher carcass ultrasound measurements with a 3.69 %IMF and 12.63 REA. Many progressive Brahman breeders worldwide have sought out 139 to use in their programs. Brazilian semen rights are owned by Bruno and Helen Jacintho, who collected over 1000 units of semen to use on their herd in Brazil. Australian breeders Bulloak Brahmans selected 139 to add to their polled program and are highly anticipating his first calves. Semen sales are closed in Canada, Australia and Brazil.

U.S. Certificates: $50 each

An excellent choice for U.S. crossbreeding.

Sired by Mr. V8 139/7
Sired by Mr. V8 139/7
Sired by Mr. V8 139/7
Sired by Mr. V8 139/7

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