BRC Quality Beef Brahman Sires

July 1, 2020

Quality means everything to us at BRC. We’ve dedicated the last decade of our lives to constant improvement of the Brahman breed.

We are pleased to present our new performance program: BRC Quality Beef Certified Brahman Bulls.

This is an internal certification process we offer at BRC as a way to help better our program and the Brahman breed as a whole. This certificatoin program is our way of showcasing carcass quality bulls that will benefit your herd – especially if you are using Brahman bulls in your crossbreeding program with Angus or Hereford cattle.

The criteria to be a BRC Quality Beef Certified Bull is:

  • Must have ultrasound data verified by the CUP Lab reaching 4.0% IMF or greater (indication of USDA Choice)
  • Must have a ribeye / weight ratio of 1:1 or higher, indicating heavy muscling (indicator of yield grade)

Recently, packer attention has directed to question Brahman beef quality.

BRC is doing our part to produce and market Brahman bulls that will improve or maintain beef carcass quality in their offspring throughout the southern USA.

Here’s how BRC helps offer quality assurance that our bulls will sire calves with acceptable carcass quality:

  • BRC has utilized carcass ultrasound data for over a decade, all certified through the CUP lab.
  • BRC has collected harvest data on our steers for over 20 years, and continues to do so today to monitor our performance. Currently our average is slightly over 60% USDA Choice or higher with Yield Grades 1,2 and 3.
  • BRC is the first and only Brahman breeder in the USA utilizing genomics to help rapidly speed up carcass improvement in our program.
  • The Cutrer family founded the USA’s first 100% Brahman branded beef program – Brahman Country Beef – which sells beef nationwide to individuals, retailers and food service.

We are constantly working on improving Brahman carcass quality through science and genetic selection.

Contact us for more information about quality Brahman bulls for sale and look for our BRC Quality Beef Certified Bull icons on our sale bulls at the ranch.

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