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The preferred choice for both crossbreeding and purebred beef production throughout the Gulf Coast, Brahman bulls are highly prized for their stately aesthetic and powerful stature. B.R. Cutrer is proud to lead the way in Brahman bull pedigree, power, and performance. We offer commercial Brahman bulls for sale year-round at our Ranch in Boling, Texas.

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Brahman bull for sale

When it comes to purchasing a Brahman bull, quality, data, and transparency matter. 

B.R. Cutrer offers the most comprehensive data of any Brahman Bull Ranch in the United States, because we take our role of raising and caring for Brahman bulls very seriously, and we have absolutely nothing to hide.


Developed for the Real World

Always taking care to ensure that B. R. Cutrer clientele receive the greatest value for their investment, our Brahman bulls are developed to work in the real world. We keep our bulls in pristine condition, but never overly fat, because when they reach your pastures they need to be able to perform at their best.

Importantly, we never trim the feet of our Brahman bulls as oftentimes trimming feet can be a tactic utilized to disguise hoof or structure problems. At B.R. Cutrer, we adhere to the strictest quality standards and cull very harshly to guarantee that only the very best Brahman bulls are sold at our Texas ranch.

Brahman bull for sale BRC

Brahman Bulls for Crossbreeding

Looking to raise F-1s and place Brahman bulls on Hereford or Angus cows? We will gladly assist and find you the best Brahman bulls for your location, and your unique needs. We take care to select low birthweight Brahman bulls that have excellent performance and carcass merit, ensuring that your commercial F-1 operation is as profitable as possible.


Brahman Bull Volume Discounts

Committed to making it easier for you to find all the bulls you need for your operation in one place, we are pleased to offer you a volume discount:

  • Purchase 3 to 4 BRC Brahman bulls and receive 3% off your total purchase
  • Purchase 5 to 9 BRC Brahman bulls and receive 5% off your total purchase
  • Purchase 10+ BRC Brahman bulls and receive 10% off your total purchase

Ranch in the USA (BRC) Offering Genomic EPDs on our Brahman Sale Bulls
months of age is the average age of our sale bulls.

Together, Let’s Find the Best Brahman Bulls for Your Needs

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All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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