Miss V8 382/7


  • Lineage

    +Miss V8 382/7 is a 901 daughter out of a J-S female raised by Jeff Smith and family of Louisiana.

  • Characteristics

    Moderate, deep bodied, super clean underline, and ideal Brahman breed character.

  • Origin Story

    Before he and Rachel married, Brandon worked for Jeff Smith of J-S Genetics. Brandon was a young aspiring Brahman breeder and partnered with Mr. Jeff on some embryos. 382 was actually born at Brandon's home in Mississippi and had nothing to do with V8. Brandon would own her 50/50 with the Smith's. When Rachel and Brandon married, the Smith's gave us their half of the embryo calf as a wedding present. Brandon didn't have a lot of possession when he moved to Texas, but he had 382. Rachel's grandpa let them brand her V8. And the rest is history.

  • Famous Sons and Daughters

    Miss V8 21/8, the 2-time Houston Champion Female and Brahman Miss World
    Miss V8 824/8, the $70,000 high selling daughter of 21 and Noble and 2020 Grand Champion at Houston
    Mr. V8 376/8 "Dutton" - grandson of 382
    BRC BoomBox - the $70,000 high selling bull of the spring 2020 sale season, grandson of 382

  • What Makes Her Special

    Not too long after he gave 382 to us, Mr. Jeff was called to heaven. We have always considered him a guardian angel to our family since his passing. He was Brandon's mentor and role model, and this gift he gave us basically gave us the foundation for the "modern" type of Brahman we sought out to breed in the early days of our program. His generosity will always live on through this great cow family.

  • Fun Fact

    382 was always a standout in the pasture, but somewhat difficult to show. She was gentle but just never really liked anyone petting or messing with her. We showed her as a baby at the Kickoff Classic. It was a chore to say the least, but Brandon got her shown and she was Reserve Grand Champion as a baby. We never showed her much anymore, because we also owned 341 of that same age group and 341 tended to win a lot. (And was easier to show).

    But we always kept 382 in the show barn. Kolten Thigpen, the herdsman at that time, had her always ready to go. We almost didn't take her to the Houston show, because again, we thought 341 had the best chance. We actually loaded her on the trailer at the very last minute.

    At Houston when she was named Grand Champion, her baby calf at side acted a fool. It took 4 people to get that calf shown as the competition progressed from class to division to champion drive - Rachel originally, then Evan Acevedo, then Larry Fisher, and finally Kolten Thigpen.

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