Welcome to B.R. Cutrer, The Brahman Ranch Dedicated to Reaching New Heights of Excellence.

A Family Heritage of Cattle, Land, Faith, and Courage.

Honoring a 150+ year family heritage built on the pillars of faith, courage, and integrity, B.R. Cutrer is redefining the future of legendary Brahman cattle, to set new international standards in quality, pedigree, and performance.

Founded by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer, the B.R. Cutrer Ranch is home to the renowned BRC brand and has gained global recognition for embracing innovation and modernity, while upholding the values of cattle ranching tradition.

It all began one hundred and eighty years ago… 
Texas was a new frontier and, while Rachel Cutrer’s ancestors had survived the war of Texas Independence, life as they knew it would never be the same again. They returned home only to find that many of their dwellings had been burned down by the Mexican army. Driven by courage and perseverance, they started over again and eventually went on to develop the American Brahman breed of cattle that we know and love today.


The Origins of BRC

Since the great Texas frontier, cattle ranching has been the lifeblood of the family—one relative served as a Texas Ranger, driving cattle along the Chisholm Trail; another farmed thousands of acres along the Brazos River, building a life for his family and several other sharecroppers on his family’s land. And, equally important, many of the Cutrer family ancestors served our country as veterans in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Most significantly, Rachel’s ancestors introduced a new breed of Indian cattle to Texas in 1924. This tropical breed was originally found in Brazil and did well in warm climates. The pioneers began to cross-breed the Indian cattle with local cattle and this was the foundation for what we know today as the highest quality Brahman cattle in the world.

In 1936, Rachel’s fourth generation great grandmother, Rachel Ann Northington Hudgins, who was a pioneer Texas rancher, became the first woman in Wharton county to register her own cattle brand. Together with her four sons, she founded the cattle ranching operation that became known as J.D. Hudgins, Inc.—the largest Brahman ranch in the USA and the proud owners of Manso, who remains the most significant Brahman bull in history.

Rachel Cutrer herself was born and raised on a Brahman cattle operation owned by her grandparents, Sloan and Mollie Williams. They graciously allowed Rachel to be an integral part of that operation from 1979 to 2019 and today many BRC cattle still carry their legacy brand.

Throughout her life, Rachel’s cattle have been identified with the "R" shoulder brand. For 40 years the "R" shoulder brand built a worldwide following, which has since created tremendous demand for B.R. Cutrer’s innovative new "BRC" brand. BRC has become an icon and a global status symbol of Brahman bloodline excellence.
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BRC: Where Legacy Meets Modernity

BRC: The Forefront of a New Generation

Committed to honoring those who came before us by continuing to elevate the Brahman breed, our B.R. Cutrer team works tirelessly to elevate Brahman industry standards.

Faced with frontiers quite different from those of our ancestors, but nonetheless pertinent and still requiring faith, courage, hard work, and passionate persistence, we devote our lives to raising the world’s most exceptional Brahman cattle.

We believe that today’s frontiers are achieved by building loyal relationships, by leveraging science, and by constantly innovating.

The stories and traditions of our forefathers, who paved the way for the Brahman operation we run today, inspire us to continue to pursue our vision for the future—a vision of excellence, in which our cattle receive the very best care and, in turn, our clientele enjoy the best value for their investment.

We would like nothing more than to welcome you to the B.R. Cutrer family. Please contact us for personalized assistance.

Cutrer Family

Our Philopshy

Committed to providing you with the best Brahman experience possible, we have assembled a talented team of top young professionals in the Brahman breed and beef industry.

Driven by the philosophy that excellence is rarely achieved by one person working alone, the B.R. Cutrer team is highly collaborative and completely devoted to serving our valued clientele.

For us, cattle ranching is the most fulfilling profession—we find solace in the land, the environment, and our cattle. A hard day’s work, a job well done, and knowing that we’re creating a better future for the next generation is one of life’s keenest pleasures. We look forward to assisting you.

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Meet The Team Behind The Next Generation of Brahman

Brandon Cutrer

Brandon H. Cutrer
Owner and Co-General Manager

Widely respected as a leading Brahman breeder, Brandon Cutrer is globally recognized for his exceptional Brahman pedigree knowledge, performance standards, and genetic improvements. A lifelong rancher, Brandon brings over 20 years of Brahman breed experience to B.R. Cutrer and, together with his loving wife, Rachel Cutrer, has quickly raised the standards of the Brahman cattle industry.
Before establishing B.R. Cutrer’s BRC brand in 2019 to introduce the advanced genetics, breeding, and beef programs for which BRC is now known, Brandon was the Assistant Manager of V8 Ranch for 10 years. Prior to that he served as a herdsman at both Smith Brahmans and Mississippi State University.
Brandon holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University and has served on numerous associations, including as Executive Board Member of the American Brahman Breeders Association and as President of the Mississippi Brahman Association. Brandon’s extensive knowledge of Brahman cattle has also earned him global recognition. He is the celebrated breeder of the five Grand Champion Females at Houston (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021) and the breeder of "Noble"—the #1 ranked Brahman bull in the world for siring championship show cattle. Brandon has also judged cattle shows across the United States, as well as in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Colombia.
Brandon enjoys nothing more than continuously optimizing B.R. Cutrer Ranch operations to leave a legacy for his two daughters and ensure generational excellence for B.R. Cutrer clientele.

Rachel Cutrer
Owner and Co-General Manager

Internationally recognized as one of the most significant female Brahman breeders in history, Rachel Cutrer is the President of Brahman Country Genetics, a global semen and embryo corporation, and oversees the entire Brahman Country Beef operation. Born and raised on a Brahman cattle operation, Rachel is a seventh-generation Texas rancher and a descendant of Rachel Ann Northington Hudgins, the pioneer Texas rancher and matriarch of many leading Wharton County ranches.
Immensely passionate about her upbringing, Rachel went on to earn her B.S. in Animal Science from Texas A&M University, where she was named the first ever Outstanding Young Alumni of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Rachel also earned her M.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education from Michigan State University and holds a prestigious Cornell University Certification. Committed to giving back to the community, Rachel also serves as a Board Member of the Texas 4-H Foundation, El Campo Memorial Hospital, the Wharton Country Club, and Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture and Department of Animal Science. She served 16 years as a board member of the American Brahman Breeders Association.
A sought-after guest speaker and lecturer, Rachel is regularly invited to speak at leading beef industry conferences, such as the Beef Cattle Short Course, NCBA Cattle Industry Convention, and the American Meat Science Association. She has also served as a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University, Ohio State University, Kansas State University, Western Illinois University, and Oklahoma State University, among others.
The devoted wife of Brandon Cutrer and loving mother to their two beautiful daughters, Rachel takes the utmost care to honor her heritage while creating a new legacy for both the Brahman industry, and her family.
Harley Wade

Harley Wade
Show Cattle Manager

Committed to excellent management, precise feeding, and superior showmanship, Harley Wade oversees the B.R. Cutrer Show Cattle Operation. A Florida native, Harley began showing cattle during high school, with the support of his mother, Julie Wade, before finding his way to Texas. His work ethic and tremendous passion for the industry resulted in years of expertise in the Brahman breed, and in cattle showing. In addition to his role as Show Cattle Manager, Harley advises and mentors B.R. Cutrer Show Clients, including Junior Show Competitors. During his tenure at BRC, Harley has exhibited the 2021 International Champion Brahman Female, 2021 Reserve International Champion Brahman Female, and 2019 Reserve National Champion Bull.
Frank Garcia

Ing. Fransisco Javier Garcia
Bull Development Manager

A graduate of the University of Chapingo in Mexico, Fransisco Javier Garcia is an expert in beef cattle nutrition, reproduction, animal husbandry, and stockmanship. He manages the B.R. Cutrer Bull Development Center, overseeing feed rations, animal health protocols, herd reproduction, and BRC’s advanced measuring performance programs. Fluent in Spanish, Fransisco also assists B.R. Cutrer international clientele with their selection of BRC Brahman, as well as with the incorporation of BRC genetics to ranches in Mexico, Central America, and South America.
Keaton Dodd

Keaton Dodd
Director of Genetics

Devoted to Brahman genetic excellence, Keaton Dodd oversees the BRC Genomics and Performance Programs, as Director of Performance and Genetics. Keaton is a nationally recognized livestock judge of cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. He has judged livestock in 25 states, including 3 national breed shows, 10 state fairs, and  multiple major live stock shows around the country. Keaton earned both his B.S. of Animal Science and his M.S. in Animal Breeding Science from Texas A&M University, where his graduate research centered on the history of Brahman pedigrees and genetics. Keaton is also an experienced livestock judge, has served as a coach of the Livestock Judging Team, and coordinates the Brahman Country Genetics Cooperator Program. Keaton has a passion for customer service, education, and helping BR customers achieve their ranching and profit goals.

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A Commitment to Brahman Excellence

At B.R. Cutrer, we prioritize our values:

  • Glorify God

    To glorify God in all that we do, while placing our second priority on our marriage and our children.

  • Be Best in Class

    To offer our clientele the highest quality future Brahman by raising outstanding replacement Brahman females and dependable, fertile Brahman bulls..

  • Deliver the Most Value

    To ensure our customers enjoy the greatest return on their investment when using BRC Brahman bulls or females to raise heavier, healthier calves.

  • Improve the Global Beef Industry

    To continually raise Brahman AI Sires that make a noticeable difference in the Brahman breed and improve the global beef industry.

  • Feed the World

    To give back to humanity by doing our part to provide wholesome, healthy, and nourishing Brahman beef.

  • Set New Standards

    To continue to lead the way forward in Brahman pedigree by constantly innovating and progressing Brahman genetics, bloodlines, and character.

BRC Colleagues and Collaborators

We believe that the foundation of all exceptional business begins with shared values, genuine relationships, and trusted partnerships. B.R. Cutrer is proud to have an extensive network of colleagues and collaborators who support our passion for continuous improvement. We are immensely grateful to these businesses for their partnership as we continue to propel the Brahman breed to new heights.

Dean & Peeler MeatworksBeef procesing partner
Finca TVCentral America Media Partner
PurinaFeeding partner
TransOvaGenetics Partner
ZoetisGenomics Partner
Brushy Creek Custom SiresSemen Collection Partner
Elgin Breeding ServiceSemen Collection Partner
East Bernard Milling Show Feed partner

Sharing Our Beef Story

Here are a few entities the BRC team has served as a keynote speaker or featured media resource.

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Celebrating BRC’s 150+ Year Heritage

"May his favor be upon you, for a thousand generations, and your children, and their children, and their children, and their children." -"The Blessing" Elevation Worship

While the BRC brand is known for next-generational innovation, our traditional values and rich heritage remain at the core of everything we do. We would therefore be remiss not to pay tribute to the seven generations of Brahman ranchers who came before us. Visionaries of their time, these brave men and women worked tirelessly, risking it all to build a better life for our family. They paved the way for excellence, inspired us, mentored us, and instilled in us that the most important resources of all are the people who devote their lives to the cattle. It is them we must thank and remember, for they are the reason that B.R. Cutrer exists today and has since become one of the most respected Brahman cattle operations in the world. To explore our heritage, please enjoy our generational timeline below:

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