Legacy Isn't Given. It's Earned.

Founded in 2019 by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer, BRC Ranch has rapidly become a global leader in Brahman cattle. While Rachel's grandfather was a renowned rancher, and mentor to us, we started BRC from scratch without inheriting land or cattle from him. Beginning with just six cows and a lot of determination, we have built BRC Ranch into a thriving enterprise. Our success stems from great cattle, our hard work, expertise, a great team, and commitment to excellence.

From collaborative customer sales to immersive educational events, Brandon and Rachel Cutrer have established BRC as the Brahman ranch that ensures your investment in Brahman cattle yields the highest returns.

Armed with BRC's industry-defining genetics and our unwavering commitment to customer service, we're here for the long haul, and ready to help build your ranching dreams too.

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Brandon and Rachel

BRC Ranch owners Brandon and Rachel Cutrer pictured with Boom Shaka Laka as she won her first Houston championship title. Boom Shaka Laka stands as this era's most famous Brahman female in the world.

From Zero to Hero: Our Ranch, Your Inspiration

When we married in 2010, we had no land, and only 6 cows. Today, we manage over a section of land and a herd of 350 top-tier Brahman cattle. All built brick by brick, acre by acre, and yes bank loan by loan.

Everything here was bred, built, or bought by us. However, we couldn't have done it without the love and knowledge from previous generations, especially Rachel's grandparents, Sloan and Mollie Williams. At BRC Ranch, we honor that legacy daily. 

When God gave us the opportunity to start BRC, we took it. Just like the words of Cody Johnson's song - "If you've got a chance - take it!" We had a dream, and started chasing it. With faith, the muscle in our backs, our team's dedication, and clear goals, we have built BRC into one of the world's leading seedstock cattle operations.

We strive to breed the world's best Brahman herd and match it with the best customer service. We live in gratitude, spread joy, and uphold our integrity and God's Word, even when it's challenging. By blending traditional values with modern expertise, BRC, alongside our customers, is charting a new course for the future of the Brahman breed.

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BRC Ranch Today: A New Generation

Today, the BRC brand stands as an iconic global symbol of Brahman bloodline excellence. We've become known as BRC - the Brahman Ranch of Champions. (But, officially it stands for Brandon and Rachel Cutrer). We've built not just a traditional cattle ranch, but a fully integrated Brahman beef program, global genetics company, a retail store, and more.

Standing strong as a family, Brandon, Rachel, Mollie and Annie Cutrer and the exceptional BRC Ranch team devote their lives to raising the world’s most exceptional Brahman cattle. We believe that the key to doing this to is to build loyal relationships, leverage science, and constantly innovate.

Welcome to BRC! Please contact us for personal assistance with a family touch.

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Cutrer Family

A Commitment to Brahman Excellence

At B.R. Cutrer, we prioritize our values:

  • Glorify God

    To glorify God in all that we do, while placing our second priority on our marriage and our children.

  • Be Best in Class

    To offer our clientele the highest quality future Brahman by raising outstanding replacement Brahman females and dependable, fertile Brahman bulls..

  • Deliver the Most Value

    To ensure our customers enjoy the greatest return on their investment when using BRC Brahman bulls or females to raise heavier, healthier calves.

  • Improve the Global Beef Industry

    To continually raise Brahman AI Sires that make a noticeable difference in the Brahman breed and improve the global beef industry.

  • Feed the World

    To give back to humanity by doing our part to provide wholesome, healthy, and nourishing Brahman beef.

  • Set New Standards

    To continue to lead the way forward in Brahman pedigree by constantly innovating and progressing Brahman genetics, bloodlines, and character.

Sharing Our Ranching Story

The BRC story, from its humble beginnings with nothing to being honored as the 2022 BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year - the purebred beef industry's highest honor - is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

We are immensely proud of our story, one that reflects unwavering dedication, hard work, and a deep-rooted passion for cattle ranching. Our hope is that our story serves as an inspiration to others within the beef industry, demonstrating what can be achieved through perseverance and a commitment to excellence. For media inquiries email office@brcutrer.com.

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Contact Us

BRC Ranch Business Office
1730 North Richmond
Wharton, TX 77488

BRC Ranch Headquarters
10406 FM 1301
Boling, TX 77420

Phone: 979-532-9141 
Fax: 979-532-9977

Email: rachel@brcutrer.com

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Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our team prioritizes family and may not be available for phone or emails during non business hours and holidays. Your inquires will be answered on the next business day.

All BRC Brahmans are DNA tested and guaranteed for pedigree accuracy.

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