What BRC Customers Have to Say

April 11, 2021

“Good Cattle and Good Vibes” is a phrase we use a lot at BR Cutrer. Our herdsman, Harley Wade, initially came up with this phrase because we are committed to selling good cattle and treating people right.

But, you hear that from a lot of places. And, sadly, not every ranch is as honest and above the board as we are here at BRC. So, we like to share a few comments from real live, actual BRC customers who have bought Brahman cattle, semen or embryos from us. Let their comments give you a better insight about how it is to do business with BRC!

I’m actually amazed that your husband is from Mississippi, as I am also. i was amazed at y’alls history and loved the idea that y’all want to provide information about this breed to new cattlemen like me. I’m 56 so not sure that qualifications pertaining to me, however Brahman is the most beautiful breed of cattle according to my beliefs. I love the fact y’all actually took the time to email me back is of great importance to me. Tell your husband that another Mississippian appreciates what he is doing for the cattle industry.

J.M – Mississippi

I just read your BRC history with tears streaming down my face. God is using you and Brandon in a mighty way! I love seeing your triumph through tragedy and how God can make a way when it seems impossible. I’m currently participating in a fast to get clarity and direction for God’s next steps in my life. Your story gives me hope and excitement for what is to come for both of us!

G.W., Brahman breeder

Today we visited BRC farm. We visited the office and were greeted by Rachel. She introduced the beginnings of the farm and many other activities BRC does alongside farming. She is a very good person. She is very good at her ability to manage. Afterwards we visited BRC farm not so far from office. Beautiful farm atmosphere, beautiful cattle in shape and bloodlines with many champion titles national and international level. Had a delicious pizza treat for lunch. Had a chance to sit down and talk about breeding, and the proper estimation of Brahman characteristics should be. We discussed which areas should be number 1. I would like to tell you that BRC is a grey cow farm that is very interesting. Both in pedigree, shape of cows, and management. It is really like the word “Modern Brahman.”

S.M., Thailand Brahman breeder

I just wanted you to know that I keep seeing all of the work y’all do to make our Brahman breed so much better and it really makes me happy. You put so much expertise into every aspect of the business. So much work and money. I pray it comes back 100 fold for you and more. I and many others really appreciate what you do. Thank you! I hope to get down to meet y’all some day.

M.P., Brahman breeder

There are only a handful of people wh odon’t mind sacrificing some of their time to improve the life of someone else. You are one of them! Within a short period of time, you have taught me things that would have taken me years to learn. Thank you for being my mentor. I hope to learn many more things from your years of experience.

C.B., Student at Texas A&M

Hello, I raise show steers and I’ve really got to noticing what y’all are doing. My brother and I showed heifers growing up and we’re a little younger than Rachel, so we know about other ranches. What you’re doing to me is a good kind of different from others and modern. I like that and I feel like you’ve got a good heading. I would really like to talk to y’all about your AI bulls, how they work, and would like to look at the ones that were around to see kind of how I think they might work on my cows. I can’t wait to visit y’all!

C.S., Texas Brahman breeder

BRC has been such an inspiration to me for several years, and now that I got to visit your ranch and see you in action, it was priceless. Thank you for the tour, and for just hanging out with me.

R.B., Florida Brahman breeder

Thank you for everything y’all do for others, especially for supporting and encouraging our kids. Your talents are exceeded only by your generosity.

J.S., Texas Brahman breeder

Honestly, I am looking to BRC for not only the newest and freshest genetics but the creative thinking and marketing that y’all are bringing front and center to our breed and that’s something I want to be apart of and incorporate into my herd and my breeding program!!!

J.B., Brahman breeder from Mississippi

I will always look up to BRC for the honest work y’all do. I appreciate y’all extending your knowledge to better other breeders.

R.N., Texas Brahman breeder

The drive and motivation that the BRC team possesses is beyond inspiring. I’m so appreciative for you taking the time to teach me more about how to run a successful herd of Brahmans.

R.V., Texas Brahman breeder

Thank you so much for allowing me to come out and see your new show barn, teach me about what you do and how y’all got there. The Brahman burgers were great! Every little and big thing you did was greatly appreciated!

K.J., Youth Brahman breeder from Texas

Dear BRC – Thank y’all for the amazing tour! It was by far the best tour I’ve ever had at a ranch.

K.C., Junior Brahman breeder

Brandon and Rachel are great pioneers of the Brahman breed. I trust them and I’m so happy with using their program in my herd. Can’t wait to see what these next units of BRC bulls will do for us!

K.G., Texas Brahman breeder

I truly admire everything BR Cutrer, Rachel and Brandon Cutrer stand for and the direction they’ve taken their operation. The true passion and drive to improve the breed and the beef industry, stand to inspire me on a daily basis.

-A.J., Young female Brahman breeder from Texas

Dear Cutrer Family, Thank you for everything in hosting the TBF camp this week! Your presentation was by far my favorite!

J.H., Youth Brahman breeder

I am very small, and I will stick with you and Brandon for all your kindness. I’m not downing any other breeders, but you were there and helped me with all my questions when I got started and I won’t forget that. I thank you guys.

-L.C., Brahman breeder from Texas.

Made it home! Thank y’all so much for everything. Y’all are the best and I appreciate everything y’all help me with and I can’t thank you enough. Y’all are awesome friends and y’all have awesome cattle and doing an awesome job!

-B.B., Brahman breeder from Mississippi

“You guys have the BEST BULLS! Can’t wait til we have our first crop with your genetics. We want to meet Rachel and Brandon and of course those wonderful bulls of yours!”

-M.A., Brahman breeder from Honduras who bought semen on BRC bulls sight unseen because he trusted us so much.

“I live in Florida but I am starting my Brahman farm in Honduras and I only have 10 cattle but I want full genetics from your company because I know it is the best in the USA!”

-E.C., New Brahman breeder from Honduras

Brandon & Rachel, just a short note to thank you for putting on such a good program for the TBF campers. Making all the slides and unique snacks and the books….the whole BRC tour was great. Thank you both and all your crew!

L.S., Texas Brahman breeder

“I told my husband – you better buy some cattle from that young man who’s always smiling!”

-M.S., Brahman breeder from Texas who texted Rachel after their visit and said how much they enjoyed working with Brandon. Brandon later made a herd visit to their ranch, and they will be implementing BRC genetics into their herd to elevate their cow base.

“You guys have sone so much for us over the years and I just want you to know how much we appreciate it. Y’all have truly been a blessing!”

-B.R., A brilliant woman in ranching who’s been in the Brahman business for about 5 years and has purchased cattle from many different breeders.

“Rachel and Brandon – awesome sessions for Brahman Days! Thanks for being one of the leaders for change in the Brahman breed!”

-T.S., A Brahman breeder who is NOT a BRC customer, but attended our Brahman Days workshop in the fall and was inspired.

“I think everyone is rooting for BRC. Good people, good cows, good success as it should be.”

-B.A., A relatively new Brahman breeder who’s also purchased cattle from several different ranches, and has noted how much he appreciates BRC’s honesty and professionalism.

“We would like to think Brandon and yourself, as well as the entire team for an awesome experience yesterday. We will be friends and customers for a long time!”

-J.S., New Brahman breeder who visited BRC and purchased his starter herd of 5 heifers and a bull to build his family’s dream.

Dear Brandon and Rachel, Thank you for letting us visit the BRC Ranch. Your cattle looked great as always. We bought our first registered Brahmans at the Diamond A Dispersal in 2009, and since, I was just going to raise F1s since I didn’t want to bother with registrations and transfers. However, since meeting y’all, I’ve decided to get back into the registered business. My wife and I are looking forward to learning more about these amazing cattle and are well on our way to becoming Brahman nerds thanks to you!

-H.T., A 10+year commercial Brahman breeder who’s passion has been re-ignited after visiting BRC.

By the way, although we’ve never met, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to educate.  In the 8 months my daughter and I have been doing this I have found that more times than not people want to insult or ridicule the newbies rather than educate and help them. You are a true gem of the Brahman breed. You are rare, and we appreciate you!  You are exactly the kind of breeder I want to be and want to raise my daughter to be.

-B.P., Mother of a youth Brahman exhibitor who appreciates being part of our BRC Brahman Education Group on Facebook.

To me, as a breeder from someone who breeds naturally, your bulls are the perfect size. They’re not huge, yet not too moderate. These bulls will get bigger as they mature. As an outsider from the breed, this attracts me a lot. You can turn these bulls out and forget about them. They don’t look pushed ridiculously on feed, they’ll hold their own and they’re ready to work!

-S.P., Commercial cattleman from Louisiana who appreciates the way BRC develops our Brahman bulls for the long haul.

“From a young cattleman – thank y’all! Thank y’all for being so open to people’s questions. Thank y’all for trying to educate newcomers in the industry. When I was younger I had this messed up viewpoint that if people weren’t raised in the business and working cattle as soon as they could walk that I didn’t want them in our industry. I was foolish, and that embarasses me now. I just wanted to say thank you for what y’all are doing. I’m so happy for y’all and all the success of your new venture. Love the BRC brand!

-C.H., A woman in ranching who appreciates BRC’s “good vibes”

“I love all of your cattle!!! And your marketing is above and beyond!! I am super impressed with everything you do!! I will meet you one day soon and I look forward to it!  You inspire me daily and keep me going through your fb posts. Thank you!! Even though I don’t comment much, please know you are appreciated!

-J.W., Texas Brahman breeder who enjoys being part of the BRC family.

So, if you are in the market for investing in the world’s best Brahman cattle, and working with down to earth and honest cattleman who are here for building long term relationships, and not just making a quick buck, then BRC is your home. We invite you to fill out our Buy a Brahman form if we can help you with starting your Brahman journey.

Do you have a comment or review you’d like to share with us! If so, email office@brcutrer.com and we’d love to add this to our page!

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