BRC 279/7 Named Top Producing Polled Grey Sire of ABBA

In April 2021, The Brahman Journal named BRC’s Mr. V8 279/7 the #1 top champion producing grey Brahman sire of all time.

The Brahman Journal recently published a special feature on polled Brahman cattle, and while our polled numbers are small, BRC was awarded both the #1 top producing grey polled bull and female.

“We were very honored to receive this award and feel that while our polled numbers are small, these honors reflect our commitment to excellence, even though small in numbers,” said Rachel Cutrer, breeder and owner of both of the #1 ranked bull and female.

The ranking is as follows:

  1. +BRC Mr. V8 279/7 – Bred and owned by BRC, with Southern Cattle Company and J.D. Hudgins Locke Division.
  2. +Mr. V8 212/3
  3. +LMC LF Ambassador 700/7
  4. LMC Polled Charley 291/0
  5. BRC Mr. V8 135/7 – Bred and owned by BRC

Two other BRC bulls, Mr. V8 139/7 and Mr. V8 794/7 were in the top 15 list.

Semen is available on these and other BRC sires at

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