Brahman x Shorthorn: A Great Cross!

April 20, 2020

Most cattlemen know that Brahman x Angus and Brahman x Hereford are great crosses for the gulf coast to maximize hybrid vigor. This is a given. But, we want to also let you in on another great Brahman x British cross that we have a lot of experience with: Brahman x Shorthorn. 

So in theory, this cross is very similar to the typical Brahman x Hereford tiger stripe F1s, or the Brahman x Angus black F1s. Hereford and Angus are cattle considered of British origin. Both Hereford and Angus are very maternal breeds with good carcass quality. 

Shorthorn is also a British breed, and shares most all of the characteristics you would expect: good mothers, great milk, gentle dispositions, carcass quality. Red Angus would also fall into this category. 

But, the Brahman x Shorthorn cross is not near as popular as Brahman x Hereford or Angus. And we aren’t sure why – because these are GREAT cattle. 

So fun fact: Brahman and Shorthorn are two of our favorite breeds. Rachel showed Shorthorns from 1989 to 1999, and is the former president of the American Junior Shorthorn Association. We love a good Shorthorn. 

We have a lot of experience in crossing Brahman and Shorthorn. We love this cross, and have a large portion of our recip cow herd that is 1/2 Brahman, 1/2 Shorthorn. Here is what we have found from using this cross:

  • They are AWESOME females!
  • The 1/2 Brahman influence makes these cattle able to do take the heat and humidity of our Texas location better than a full blood Shorthorn. They are more slick haired, and do very well in the hot conditions.
  • They are REALLY gentle. Shorthorns are known as some of the most docile breeds of cattle, and this carries in to their offspring. We enjoy using these halfblood females in our herd because they are easy to work.
  • They are amazing mothers. Shorthorns are also known as a dual-purpose breed (beef and milk) and the Brahman x Shorthorn mothers give a lot of milk, raise big calves, and are excellent mothers.

Now this benefit we like might be a little controversial to some, but I’m going to share it anyway: THEIR COLOR. We find that a lot of the females have unique colors, which is probably a combination of the Brahman hair color patterns and the roan hair color gene in Shorthorns. So, if you’re someone who likes a very uniform, one color breed, you might not like this trait. But, we like having variety in color. And, if you’re looking for a uniform hair color, you could easily probably fix that by using a solid red Shorthorn bull.  Here are two calves from Brahman cows and Shorthorn bulls.

If you are considering doing a crossbreeding program, we invite you to consider Brahman x Shorthorn. We know some people who would be very interested in buying any of your replacements for sale lol (us ha ha!). Here are some ways you can get started in producing this very high quality cross:

  • Put a low birthweight Brahman bull on your Shorthorn cows. Using a Brahman bull will increase birthweight, so you want to make sure to select a low birthweight Brahman bull. We specialize in selling these across the USA. 
  • This cross would be ideal for those in Texas, Louisiana, some parts of Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, due to the climate. 
  • AI your Shorthorn cows to a Shorthorn sire, but clean up with a low birthweight Brahman bull. 
  • Flush your Shorthorn cow to a Brahman bull. We offer Brahman semen from $25 and up for crossbreeding. Here are a few bulls that we recommend:
  • Put a Shorthorn bull on your Brahman cows. 

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