Brahman Cattle Prices in the USA: A Mid-Year Report

September 10, 2023

by Rachel Cutrer

Brahman cattle prices are always a topic of discussion amongst breeders, and I for one like to make informed decisions using actual facts rather than speculation. So, a few years ago I started tracking data on any Brahman cattle prices I could find from online sales and public auctions. At the end of each sale season, I analyze the data and find it very helpful in knowing the current status of the Brahman market and also in providing valuations on our own Brahman heifers and customer cattle.

I am happy to report that despite drought conditions across much of Texas and periods of some economic uncertainty, demand for Brahman females in spring 2023 saw nearly a $2000 per head increase from the previous sales season of fall 2022!

Demand for quality Brahman females is increasing, thanks to the many great breeders in the USA who are consistently producing Brahman females of high quality, uniformity, and backed by proven genetics.

The Brahman cattle breed has been a staple in the American livestock industry for decades, known for its adaptability, resilience, and unique style and flair. As we reach the midway point of 2023, the Brahman market is on the rise and it’s a great time to look into getting involved in the Brahman breed.

Let’s take a closer look at the average sale prices of Brahman females in the USA, focusing on online sales and public auctions. These statistics offer valuable insights into the market dynamics and trends for this revered breed during the first eight months of the year.

To compile this report, our team gathers Brahman sales data weekly from reputable sources, including online livestock marketplaces like DV Auction, Cattle in Motion, Best Cattle Sales, agricultural publications including The Brahman Journal, and public auction records. Our analysis covers the period from January 1, 2023, to August 31, 2023, providing an up-to-date snapshot of the Brahman heifer market. Our data primarily focuses on the grey Brahman market since that is our speciality. This report is based on the sales data from 170 head of registered Brahman females from 19 different public sales.

Average Brahman Heifer Sale Prices:

  • The sale price of Brahman female calves (heifers) averaged $7,044 per head with a median sale price of $5,900 per head.
  • This is an increase from the previous fall 2022 sale season, which averaged $5438 per head.

Market Trends:
Several factors have influenced Brahman female sale prices in the USA during this time frame:

  1. Polled heifers saw a premium, with an average sale price of $9,500 per head with a range from $2,700 to $44,000 per head.
  2. Progeny from breeders using BRC Ranch AI sires represented the largest ranch sire group of the analysis, with 49 head selling for a gross of $345,250 and an average of $7045. We are proud of the fact that cattle sired by BRC bulls represented the most widely used bloodline.
  3. For confidentiality reasons, we will not list the name of the 2nd most popular ranch for volume of number of head sold, but Ranch #2 represented a total of 28 customer cattle selling for an average of $6194.
  4. Customer cattle sired by Heritage Ranch bulls reported the highest average sales income, with an average of $12,657 per head on 7 customers cattle. We are proud that a few of those were our Breaker x 21 progeny.

Sire Progeny Averages:

We calculated the average progeny price on 77 different Brahman sires with calves selling in online sales or public auctions during the time period. To be considered in the average, a sire must have more than 1 progeny that sold.

  1. MR H Breaker Manso 103/7 reported the highest sale average, with an average sale price of $17,900 on 3 head of customer cattle. Two of those were from BRC Ranch and 1 of those was from GB Ranch. We appreciate the opportunity to use outside bulls like this to bring in fresh genetics.
  2. JDH Mr. Music Man 911/1 progeny reported an average of $9,062 on 4 head of females. These females were sold by AT Brahmans. JDH Mr. Music Man 911 was bred by J.D. Hudgins, Inc.
  3. Mr. H Maddox Manso 684 was the second highest averaging sire of the spring 2023 sales, with an average of $8,200 on 2 head. These two heifers were sold by Ki Cattle.
  4. BRC Dutton 376/8 reported an average of $7,900 per head on 10 head of customer cattle. These cattle were sold by Garrett Cattle Company, Santa Cruz Ranch, and Heritage Cattle.
  5. BRC’s Mr. V8 794/7 reported the 5th highest average progeny for customer cattle, with an average of $7750 per head. These heifers were both polled and were sold by Hilltop Ranch and Bonchasse Cattle.

As we reach the midpoint of 2023, the Brahman female market in the USA is on the rise and that means an exciting time for Brahman breeders as we enter the fall sale season!

Buyers continue to invest in quality Brahman females, recognizing their value in improving and expanding their cattle herds. It will be interesting to observe how these trends evolve in the coming months and what impact they have on the rest of the year’s market.

Please note that these figures are an average representation, based on the reported sales figures of online sales and public auctions. Actual sale prices may vary based on individual circumstances. This data is in no way a guarantee of future sales averages or market predictions. It’s advisable for both buyers and sellers to stay informed and make informed decisions when participating in Brahman female transactions.

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