Why Louisiana is Made for Brahmans

July 8, 2020

Louisiana is the second largest state in the USA for Brahman production, second to Texas. Louisiana is home to many great Brahman herds, and it’s no surprise Brahman cattle have a longstanding history of success and popularity in this great southern state.

Louisiana’s topography consists of flat lowlands, swamps, marshland, even prairies and woodlands. This makes Brahman cattle the perfect fit for Louisiana. Brahman cattle are made to thrive in the hot and humid subtropical climates that Louisiana has almost all year round. Winters are relatively mild which Brahman cattle can also withstand. Here are some of the most popular areas in Louisiana where Brahman cattle do really well. 

If you are considering starting a cattle operation and are from any of these areas, we encourage you to make Brahman cattle a part of the ranch operation – whether it is purebred Brahman, or utilizing Brahmans in an F-1 program.

South Louisiana

Summers in South Louisiana are long, hot, and humid. Oftentimes, temperatures average 90 °F or more for the months of June through September. Brahman cattle are ideal for this area of Louisiana since they have an abundance of loose skin to keep them cool. Winters are also very mild. Brahmans are one of the most popular breeds of cattle for South Louisiana. The Brahman F1 (like Brahman x Angus or Brahman x Hereford) is also very popular in this area.

Along I-10

Lake Charles, Jennings, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas are all great areas to raise Brahman cattle. Brahman females are especially protective mothers and can withstand harsh environments such as the Louisiana wetlands and will protect their calves at all costs. Their ability to shake off insects also helps them survive and thrive along I-10. There are many great Brahman operations in this area that have helped shape the breed and produce some of the great Brahmans in history.

Northern Louisiana

Brahmans can also do very well in Northern Louisiana in areas such as Shreveport and Monroe, even though the temperature is slightly cooler. The northern part of the state is mildly cool in the winter, with highs averaging 59 °F, which Brahmans can easily withstand. 

Parishes such as Vermillion, Cameron, St. Mary, Terrebonne, Acadia and Calcasieu are great places to raise Brahmans.

Overall, the entire state of Louisiana as a whole is a great place for Brahman cattle. Choosing the right breed of cattle for your ranch is the foundation of a ranch’s success. And, the environment plays a HUGE role in this. You have to match the cattle to the environment in order for them to thrive.

If we can assist you in determining the best plan for getting started with Brahman cattle, contact any of our team. We’ll be honest with you about what works, and what doesn’t. We always appreciate the opportunity to visit with those interested in adding Brahman genetics, whether you’re looking for a purebred herd, or just using a Brahman bull in a crossbreeding setting. We would be happy to show you our herd, or refer you to several great Brahman breeders in Louisiana that can help you in your Brahman journey.

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