Making Money in the Cattle Business: Real Talk from a Real Ranch

December 28, 2023

By Rachel Cutrer

Ever scroll through social media and get hit with those glamorous posts about someone’s stellar cattle business? Winning shows, selling top-notch cattle, but then, bam! Behind the scenes, in reality, what you may not see is the real day to day that goes into making a profit in the cattle business. It’s a reality check that hits hard, right?

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The purebred cattle scene can be a rollercoaster. Sure, you see those high-dollar sales and success stories, but behind the scenes, every rancher faces their own challenges. Questions like, “Am I spending too much on feed?” or “Why did I get this hefty embryo bill?” linger in the background. Trust us, it’s a conversation we have nearly every month.

For every flashy post about selling prized cattle, there’s another side too—the less glamorous part. Every rancher’s got those cattle that might not fetch top dollar, maybe the ones sold for a bargain. And let’s not forget the struggles of making ends meet from month to month, especially for those of us paying off land without the luxury of inheriting it.

At BRC, we are always honest. We are proud that our cattle ranching operation does clear a profit at the end of the year, but, it’s hard. There are some months where we have to eat at home most nights rather than having the luxury of eating out. Some months, we have to tighten up. Running a profitable cattle operation ain’t for the faint of heart. It means juggling finances, dealing with fluctuating market demands, working to consistently raise the type of cattle the industry needs, and constantly hustling to turn a profit in an ever-changing landscape.

But you know what? Despite these challenges, there’s a spark—a determination that keeps us going. It’s that resilience, that grit to keep pushing forward no matter what. Yep, it’s tough, and sure, doubts will creep in now and then. But here’s the thing—you are not alone in this struggle.

To all the ranchers out there feeling the pressure, it’s okay to doubt. It’s okay to face obstacles. What matters is the drive to keep learning, adapting, and growing. Behind those struggles lie the seeds of success.

So, here’s to every rancher putting their heart and soul into this business. Profitability might seem like a far-off dream sometimes, but trust me, it’s within reach. It’s about learning from the challenges, sticking to your passion, and believing in the journey.

In the end, making money in the Brahman business isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s real. Especially when you align with the right people who are truly passionate about helping you succeed. It’s about building friendships, sharing experiences, and lifting each other up. It’s about building a legacy of land and cattle for yourself and your family. We as ranchers stick together, rooting for one another in good times and bad.

So, as you enter 2024 – push past the hurdles, stay true to your vision, and keep that fire burning. You’ve got what it takes—believe it, chase it, and own it. Because yeah, it can be done, and if we can help you get on the path to make it happen, we’re always just a phone call or visit away. 💪

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