Jan Bonsma Book: The Wortham Lectures in Animal Science

October 7, 2020

BRC is proud to offer a re-print of the Jan Bonsma book, ‘The Wortham Lectures in Animal Science.” It is available for only $3.99 through Amazon.

Nearly ten years ago, Brandon Cutrer was in his early twenties, and a fellow Brahman breeder – Louis Dooley of Louisiana – recognized a spark in Brandon. A spark for breed improvement, and performance programs. Mr. Dooley mentioned to Brandon a rare book that he thought Brandon would really enjoy, but that the book was really hard to find. That book was The Wortham Lectures in Animal Science, published in 1965. Mr. Dooley cared so much about helping nurture this young breeder’s passion that he went out and found a copy, and gave it to Brandon in 2011. Brandon and I both read it, and though the data is quite old, it truly opened our eyes about a lot of traits and philosophies in breeding and fertility. Dr. Bonsma’s research helped us make huge improvements in our own cattle over a ten year period. 

Through the years, we talk about Dr. Bonsma’s work quite a lot, and I found many other breeders enjoy this old publication. So, in 2020, we began working on the reprint. We were able to speak with The Wortham Foundation to obtain approval, and they too were so happy that the work would continue to be published and continue to impact and help cattle producers more than 50 years since it was originally published. So, using my graphic design skills, I re-typed the booklet, and re-created the graphics from the original Xerox copy of the booklet we have. Now, this work can be fully preserved digitally for all others to enjoy. We are pleased to share this booklet with any breeders as a gift – because that’s what Mr. Dooley did for us back in 2011 – and it changed our program. 

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