Using Brahman Cattle For Climate Smart Ranching

How will we keep quality beef on the table for the next generation? By developing herds that can adapt to a warming climate, ongoing droughts, and even weather changes like hurricanes and more. Using purebred Brahman cattle in the extreme heat, and crossbreeding with Brahman cattle in mid level heat is nature's solution to adapting global beef herds to infuse heat tolerance. And while all Brahmans are heat tolerant, no other ranch can match the beef quality of BRC. We have spent the last decade improving the quality of Brahmans through strategic breeding and genomic testing to guarantee quality, tender, heart healthy beef is ready to serve the world's consumer.

The Future of Global Beef Production

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With even just a 2°C increase in global warming, extreme heat is reaching more critical areas across the world that will impact agriculture, beef production, and overall health. 

Best in class for their breed, BRC Brahman are naturally heat-resistant and feed-efficient with exceptional muscle volume — the ideal combination for the future of American and global beef production. We're also home of the USA's first 100% Brahman beef program: Brahman Country Beef and FitBeef.

For the past 10 years, BRC has been committed to improving carcass quality to maximize tenderness and marbling, which we demonstrate using carcass ultrasound data. Brahman beef is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, awarding it the reputation as a heart-healthy beef and satisfying a consumer base that’s more nutritionally conscious than ever.

Why Brahman

Heat Tolerant

Designed to thrive in heats over 80 degrees F, where other breeds fail.

Naturally Thrifty

Able to fight off insects, withstand humidity, and thrive in tropical conditions.

Beef Quality

BRC's focus on heart healthy beef, and increased marbling and tenderness allow you to capitalize on heat tolerance, pounds of beef produced, and flavor / taste.
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In the Media - LA Times

"As the world gets hotter, can cattle survive? A rancher’s quest for drought-proof cows."

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Addressing Changing Environment and Weather Patterns

As ranchers face a changing environment and changing consumer needs, BRC Ranch and their globally famous Brahman cattle are positioned to help your ranch stay successful for the future.

Did you know, that as climate changes, weather patterns change. This means more severe droughts, and more incidence of weather events like hurricanes. Brahman cattle have been bred for over a century to withstand these harsh elements.

  • Hurricanes cause the most damage to the U.S. gulf coast and Atlantic states. These areas are the perfect environment for Brahman and Brahman cross cattle. Brahman cattle are also tropically adapted for survival. They are the most intelligent breed of cattle, with the innate survival ability to find higher ground, and withstand the weather. During the recent Hurricanes of Harvey, Rita, and Ike, we have not lost a single animal to a hurricane death loss.
  • Brahman cattle are also built to be drought resistant. They are scavengers, and extremely efficient converters of grass to protein, requiring less inputs to produce more beef.

Want to learn more?

Give us a call or visit us on our ranch in Boling, Texas. Or, email us at Here are some great educational resources to help you get started:
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