Cattle Show Barn Design

September 5, 2022

When people visit BRC Ranch they always ask about the design of our cattle show barn. Unfortunately we didn’t have like “official” architectural plans but we get asked about it enough that we tried to put this show barn plan together so others could use it as a basis of their barn.

Our barn layout was designed by Harley Wade who put a great deal of attention into the layout and flow so that the BRC show cattle can be easily handled, have access to hay, water and fresh air. We later added the traps in the back and the outdoor tie rail.

We hope this show barn design help you in building your show cattle dreams!

When we constructed our cattle show barn, we were operating on a limited budget and our goal was to be able to build the show barn without having to take out a loan. So, we built this in phases as time and budget allowed. It took us about a 2 year period to get the barn to really the true level of “where we wanted it to be.”

We first started with the area shown in green, which is our main cattle show barn area. That part contained our office, washrack, feed room, indoor/outdoor cattle pens, and a picture pen. This was “phase 1” and also contained all our water, septic, air conditioning and electrical needs.

Later we built phase 2, which is the part shown in blue. This was our ourdoor traps area and we added this about a year later.

One of the last things we added was the covered overhang that extends off the barn. This was an area we discovered we needed because we had not built the center aisle of the barn wide enough for a hoof trimming table. So, our hoof trimmer, James Daniel, was having to work in the blazing sun every time he came. He never once complained and we so greatly appreciate his willingness to work with us while we were in our “Building” phase. We later added that overhang so that there is a nice shaded area wide enough for our feed truck to unload in if raining, and for James to trim feet.

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