BRC Ranch Breeds 2023 National Champion Grey Brahman Bull and Female

November 13, 2023

Bryan, Texas – Cattle with structural soundness, functionality, and look rose to the top of the 2023 National Brahman Show under judge Jennifer Parker of Texas. With over 1000 entries from the American Brahman Breeders Association members, the competition was fierce. BRC Ranch proudly announces the achievements of our championship Brahman cattle, all bred by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer.

Key highlights of BRC Ranch’s triumphs at the 2023 National Brahman Show include:

  • 2023 National Champion Grey Brahman Female: BRC Me Again Margaret 254
  • 2023 National Champion Grey Brahman Bull: BRC Amos Moses 257
  • 2023 National Calf Champion Grey Brahman Bull: BRC Johnny Brahman 299
  • 2023 National Calf Champion Grey Brahman Female: BRC Smoke Show 368
  • 2023 National Junior Champion Female: BRC Wynonna 238
  • 2023 National Aged Senior Champion Bull: BRC Hey Dude 118
  • 9 class winners carrying the BRC brand!

Additionally, BRC clinched every championship in the group classes they competed in.

  • Champion Embryo Produce of Dam
  • Champion Breeders Genetic Group, a new class that includes three full siblings.
  • Champion Get of Sire: Noble
  • Reserve Champion Get of Sire: 160
  • Champion Breeders Herd, a new class in which each ranch presents their best four head.

Brahman Female Show Results

BRC Me Again Margaret 254 - Grand Champion Female, 2023 National Brahman Show

BRC Me Again Margaret 254, 100% BRC breeding on top and bottom, is the 2023 National Champion. Sired by Noble and out of our 103 cow, Margaret’s victory represents the success of the BRC breeding program. Judge Parker commended Margaret’s exceptional combination of function and style. She said, “There’s one female that’s ultra fresh in her condition, ultra cool in her look, big topped, big ended, super sweet in the front end.”

Margaret 254 has previously been named Grand Champion at the 2023 State Fair of Texas Open and Junior Shows, and the 2023 National Junior Brahman Show. Last year, she was Calf Champion at the National Brahman Show.

BRC Ranch also bred and exhibited 5 class winners in the female show:

BRC Wynonna 238 – Class Winner and Junior Champion
BRC Big Mamou 242 – Class Winner
BRC Smoke Show 368 – Class Winner and Calf Champion
BRC Better Than Revenge 387 – Class Winner

Brahman Bull Show Results

BRC Amos Moses 257 - Grand Champion Bull, 2023 National Brahman Show

Judge Parker selected BRC Amos Moses 257 as the 2023 National Champion Bull. Amos is another shining example of BRC’s superior genetics, sired by the R-branded 160/8 and out of Boom Shaka Laka. Parker praised Amos’s exceptional structure and look. “That black bull…he’s captivating,” she said. “You read him from the side, he’s so strong in his top and so level in his lines, and he’s so sure about himself when we set him in motion; he’s one of the most comfortable bulls we’ve seen all day.” Amos was also Grand Champion Bull at the 2023 National Junior Brahman Show.

BRC Ranch exhibited eight bulls at the show, with seven of those winning the class or placing second. We exhibited 4 class winners in the bull show including:

BRC Hey Dude 118 – Class Winner and Aged Senior Champion Bull
BRC El Cucuy 163 – Class Winner
BRC Johnny Brahman 299 – Class Winner and Calf Champion

Outcross Genetics from Partin Ranch Result in Success

A noteworthy aspect of our recent victory at the 2023 National Brahman Show is the exceptional performance of our calf champions, born out of the strategic inclusion of outside genetics from Partin Ranch. It is important to highlight that, when we opt for outside genetics, our choice is informed by a very selective process. The BRC breeding program is primarily a closed herd based on bloodlines stemming from the “R” branded cattle, all of which are bred by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer.

On occasion, we have sought cattle from reputable sources such as Sartwelle Brahman Ranch, J-S Ranch, Heritage Cattle, and J.D. Hudgins. However, anytime we bring in an outside animal, it must represent the highest standards of Brahman breeding. Each of these outside acquisitions has always resulted in success for us, with the most recent one being the inclusion of MSP King Garrett 584/1 from the legendary Partin Ranch. This outcross mating produced both the Calf Champion Bull and Calf Champion Female.

BRC Smoke Show 368 - Calf Champion Female, 2023 National Brahman Show

BRC Smoke Show 368 is a result of pairing MSP King Garrett 584/1 with our legendary producer of champions, BRC Sweetie 486/8. Smoke show is a maternal half sister to BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle 115, the 2023 Houston Grand Champion Female. We see her as having that same cool look, but smoother made and more maternal, thanks to the Partin influence.

BRC Johnny Brahman 299 - Calf Champion Bull, 2023 National Brahman Show

BRC Johnny Brahman 299 is a full brother, and was also named Calf Champion Bull. Johnny was previously the high selling bull of our “Best of the Spring Borns” online sale. He too is a son of MSP King Garrett 584/1 out of BRC Sweetie 486/8. The combination of this bull’s strong maternal background and his show-stopping look make him one that we see as a huge breeding piece for breeders worldwide. He is proudly owned by BRC and Garrett Cattle Co.

An Impressive Tally of Champions of the Last Decade

Over the last decade, BRC Ranch has produced an impressive tally of 16 National or International Grand Champions. This milestone – the largest single collection from any single ranch in the last decade – reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in breeding championship Brahman cattle.

Our success is rooted in expert breeding strategies and practices that set BRC Ranch apart in the industry. While most Brahman cattle across the USA share many distant generations of common ancestry, and most every breeder has access to the same AI sires and blood lines, BRC’s distinctive breeding approach has taken the BRC-branded Brahman cattle to another level.

Every champion produced by BRC Ranch has been bred under our direct decisions of Brandon Cutrer, Rachel Cutrer, Keaton Dodd. This ensures that each animal carrying the BRC brand is a true reflection of BRC’s commitment to top-tier Brahman cattle.

Additionally, we extend a very special acknowledgment to Harley Wade, BRC Herdsman of 4 years and his team at the show barn. Harley’s expertise and commitment to excellence has contributed significantly to BRC’s success on the show circuit. Under his leadership, BRC cattle earned the highest accolades possible at the 2023 International Brahman Show and the 2023 National Brahman Show. This collaboration between our breeding team and show cattle management team creates a perfect synergy to create champions at the highest level.

The culmination of our success is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment of the entire BRC team. Independently and steadfastly, we have consistently created championship Brahman cattle in volume, and continue to set the bar for excellence in the industry.

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