BRC Me Again Margaret 254 Crowned Grand Champion Female of the 2023 All American Show

July 3, 2023

Texarkana, Arkansas – BRC Me Again Margaret 254 claimed the prestigious title of Grand Champion Grey Brahman Female at the 2023 All American Show. The impressive Brahman heifer, exhibited by Mollie Cutrer, showcased outstanding genetics and undeniable quality, making her the standout competitor in a highly competitive field.

Sired by Noble and out of BRC 103/8, Margaret’s bloodlines alone showcase at her potential for greatness. Under the discerning eyes of Judge Webb Fields, Margaret’s exceptional qualities shone brightly as she earned the highest honor in the female category.

“This is a good one,” remarked Judge Webb Fields, who officiated the show. “To me, she is so smooth about her head, neck, and shoulder, so maternal, so flat and angular up front, so good footed, and then transitions back. I call that maternal power. Just in terms of rib shape, natural width. That’s a big, big, time high-quality heifer.”

The 2023 All American Show, renowned as the largest junior Brahman show in the USA and the second largest Brahman show (open and junior) in the USA, attracts top breeders and exhibitors from across the nation. Margaret’s victory at this prestigious event is a testament to her exceptional genetics and the outstanding showmanship she receives from her exhibitor, Mollie Cutrer.

Margaret’s journey to the All American Grand Champion title was preceded by impressive accomplishments, having been named Reserve Grand Champion of the 2023 TJBA State Show and 2022 National Calf Champion. These accolades further showcase the heifer’s consistent excellence and potential for greatness in the Brahman breed.

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