BRC Genetics Win Largest Brahman Exhibition in Central America

March 27, 2023

David, Panama

The Grand Champion Grey Female and the Reserve Grand Champion Grey Bull at the 2023 Expica Rotativa were sired by BRC bulls. Expica is the largest Brahman cattle exhibition in Central America. It’s location rotates between various fairs and exhibitions across Central America. This year’s show was held March 24-25 at the Feria de David in Panama. Breeders from Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and more attended. 

“Expica is the absolute best Brahman cattle competition in Central America,” said Rachel Cutrer, who attended the event representing BRC and the 2024 World Brahman Congress. 

“The exhibitors at Expica represent the elite upper echelon Brahman breeders of Central America,” she added. “As I looked through the cattle entered, every single one of the ranches that are considered the premier ranches of Central America are making BRC bulls a big part of their breeding programs. It is a huge honor to see our bulls be able to work with their great cow herds and create these masterpieces.” 

Miss Tole 150/0 was chosen as the Grand Champion Grey Female. She is a Noble daughter out of JDH Ms Woodman Manso 525/7 and was bred and exhibited by Ganadera Carlos Santiago Castillo and Family.

“This female is one of the most exceptional Brahman females I have ever seen in my life,” said Rachel Cutrer. She was also chosen as the Adult Intermediate Champion Female from a very competitive division featuring lots of great Brahman females. 

“It was a very exciting win to see that great female rise to the top amongst some of the best Brahman females I’ve ever seen in one show together,” Rachel added. 

The Reserve Grand Champion Bull was SS ROSUL DE SIGUACAN FIV 290/0, who is a Noble son out of SS Wellington Astroneta FIV 26/7. 290/0 is bred and owned by Rancho Siguacan en Sevilla. This bull comes from a line of 4 generations of Central American championship females. The Siguacan program has a huge maternal focus and their vision is 100% aligned with the BRC vision in terms of producing great females with functionality and real world performance. 

Additionally, both of the premier breeders of the show in the red and grey divisions exhibited cattle sired by BRC bulls. Ganadera Carlos Santiago Castillo and Family were named Premier Breeder of the Red Brahman Show. They utilize Noble very heavily in their red program. 

Ganadera Karla Mary, owned by Carlos Lee, was named Premier Breeder of the Grey Brahman Show. He also utilizes Noble and other BRC bulls in his herd. 

We wish to express our appreciation to these premier breeders who exhibited cattle sired by BRC Bulls: 

  • Ganadera Carlos Santiago Castillo y Familia
  • Rancho Santa Marta, S.A. 
  • Ganadera Moreno / Rodolfo Raul Moreno Cruz
  • Ganadera Karla Mary, S.A.
  • Ganada Saval, S.A. 
  • Rancho Siguacan en Sevilla
  • Julio Munoz

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