Brandon Cutrer Judges ExpoCruz in Bolivia 

September 26, 2023

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA –  Brandon Cutrer, co-owner of BRC Ranch, recently served as the distinguished judge for the 49th Anniversary of Brahman in Bolivia, held as part of the prestigious ExpoCruz 2023 event. This milestone celebration of Brahman cattle in Bolivia took place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in late September 2023. 

ExpoCruz, the annual agricultural fair in Bolivia, is a revered platform for livestock enthusiasts, breeders, and industry professionals to come together and celebrate the excellence of the country’s agriculture and livestock sectors. This year was a special event, celebrating the 49th Anniversary of Brahman in Bolivia and highlighted the significance of the Brahman breed within Bolivia’s thriving cattle industry.

The Brahman show was a highlight of the fair, along with other Cebu breeds like Nelore. The FICEBU organization also hosted their board meeting in conjunction with the fair, drawing in the top Cebu breeders worldwide. 

Brandon  expressed his excitement about participating in this significant event. “I was honored to be part of the 49th Anniversary of Brahman in Bolivia during ExpoCruz 2023,” he said. “Brahman cattle play a vital role in the Bolivian cattle industry, and the cattle were exceptional. It made me proud as a Brahman breeder to see the contributions of American Brahman to the Bolivian beef industry’s growth and success.”

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