Brahman Cattle Features

February 3, 2021

It’s easy to spot Brahman cattle based on their features. The Brahman’s main feature that distinguishes it from other breeds is the very prominent hump on it’s back. Second, Brahman have longer ears than most other breeds. The third Brahman cattle features are that they have a shorter hair coat, and release an oily substance to help repel insects.

Brahman cattle look different than your typical Angus or Hereford.

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What is in the Brahman Hump?

Despite Internet conspiracy theories, it’s not water. The Brahman hump is a muscle, called the rhomboid muscle, which is made of meat, and also contains a lot of connective tissue. In some countries, this cut is called the “cupim.” It is a very popular cut of meat, and can be smoked like a brisket, or grilled. Our beef brand, Brahman Country Beef, ships humps nationwide and this is our #1 best selling cut.

A Look at the Ears

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Compared to an Angus, Hereford, or most other beef breeds, Brahmans have longer ears.

Other Important Brahman Cattle Features

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The features of Brahman cattle are often referred to as their “breed character.” As Brahman breeders with 150+ years of Brahman heritage, we feel that breed character is very important. Here are a few areas to look for when looking for Brahman breed character:

  • Black tail
  • Black nose. This could be either a dull black, or a shiny black.
  • Ample skin under the neck (the dewlap) but not too much so that the animal still maintains a balanced look. The more skin on the dewlap, the more surface area that can secrete the oily sebum that helps repel heat. So, more is better.
  • Long ears
  • A slight roll or crook to the tail. Notice how right around her brand area, right above her hocks, she has a little roll to her tail? That’s Brahman royal breeding.
  • Head shape can also be a Brahman feature. Brahman cattle should have a broad, solid mouth and muzzle, which means they can take in more grass and be more efficient. Some Brahmans have a slight curve to their skull too.

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