10 Best Texas Cities for Raising Brahman Cattle

April 23, 2020

Brahman Cattle are made to thrive in the southeastern USA and gulf coast area, mainly due to their heat tolerance and adaptability to various environmental conditions. A Brahman can thrive in marshland, swamps, rocks, brush country, and more. Here are some of the most popular cities and areas where Brahman cattle really do well. 

1. Houston Area
Obviously we list this as #1 since this is where WE are from! Our home county of Wharton County, which is about 60 miles southwest of Houston, is Brahman Country. If you are in the Houston area, Brahman cattle are a great fit. This includes Harris County, Fort Bend , Brazoria , Wharton , Matagorda , Waller, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, Liberty, Chambers, Montgomery, Grimes, Washington, Burleson, Fayette counties. So think Rosenberg, Richmond, Waller, Hempstead, Angleton, Bay City, Columbus, Brenham area, Hearne, Beaumont, Galveston, all around these areas. This is a GREAT area for Brahman cattle.

2. San Antonio Area
This is another great area for Brahman, due to the warm, hot temperatures. Brahman cattle are able to do really well in around San Antonio, Boerne, Hondo, Burnet, Llano, Williamson county, Travis county, Llano, Mason county, Blanco county, San Saba county, and more cities south and west of San Antonio. 

3. Austin Area
Similar to the San Antonio area, just slightly north, the Austin area is another very popular area for using Brahman cattle. Whether you have a small ranchette, or a large beef cattle ranch, Brahman cattle are perfect for this area. They can work very well in a purebred setting, or in a crossbreeding scenario. 

4. Gonzales County
This area is one of the largest cow/calf areas of Texas, and it’s a Brahman-cattle haven. Located in the southern part of Texas, but known for it’s good ranching country, this is where you’ll find a lot of Brahman bulls, Brahman females, and F-1 females. 

5. Rio Grande Valley
If you travel to the very bottom of Texas, you’ll also find a ton of Brahman cattle. This is no suprise though, because as these counties border Mexico, the environment is hot, tropical, and made for Brahmans. Brahman cattle are the cattle kings of this area of Texas, and very popular in Starr county, Hidalgo county, Cameron County, and Willacy County. Very popular in Mercedes, Texas; Edinburg, Texas; Linn, Texas; Raymondville, Texas; and Brownsville, Texas. 

6. Wild Horse Desert / Kingsville Area
In this part of Texas, they say: “Everything here will either stick you, sting you, or bite you.” Meaning, cactus, insects, or snakes. This is an amazing area for running purebred Brahman and Brahman influence cattle. The Brahman cattle are able to withstand the hot, dry summers, manage the brush country, and forage in climates where other breeds just can’t make it. If you live around the Kingsville, George West, Beeville, Goliad, Karnes City, Sinton, Alice, Tilden or Cotulla area, you need Brahman cattle. 

7. College Station / Madisonville / Huntsville area
Moving a little bit north of the Houston area, the College Station and surrounding area is also prime cow country for Brahman cattle. Still a warm, mild climate, but full of great forages and ranch land, this is a Brahman paradise. Brahman cattle do very well around College Station, Madisonville, Waco, Caldwell, Navasota, Giddings, Brenham, Huntsville, Crockett, Franklin area. 

8. North Texas
While the temperatures get a little cooler during winter, North Texas is still a great area for raising Brahman cattle. We find a lot of diversified operations in this area that use Brahman. For example, cutting horse operations that also have a Brahman F1 herd, or chicken house owners who run cattle. Brahman cattle are great for both purebred use and crossbreeding with Angus and Hereford cattle in this area to maximize hybrid vigor and raise profitable replacement heifers. If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, think about using Brahman bulls. Or, also the Palestine, Henderson, Tyler, Corsicana, Longview area. 

9. Laredo Area
Located right on the Rio Grande, Webb County, Dimmit County, Maverick County, and Zapata County are also Brahman headquarters. In this area, you’ll often see Brahman bulls running on commercial cattle with a bit of Brahman influence, ranches raising halfblood or 3/8 Brahman. Brahman’s ability to repel insects like ticks is a key benefit of using Brahman cattle in this area. They do very well in the hot, harsh climate. 

10. Central Texas
The Heart of Texas is very famous for having lots of great Brahman cattle. In this area, we’re talking about Waco, Hillsboro, Fairfield, Franklin, Cameron, and more. If you live in Bell County, McLennan County, Milam County, Williamson County, Lee County, Lampasas or Coryell County, definitely consider using Brahman cattle. 

Choosing the right breed of cattle for your ranch is the foundation of a ranch’s success. And, the environment plays a HUGE role in this. You have to match the cattle to the environment in order for them to thrive. 

If we can assist you in determining the best plan for getting started with Brahman cattle, contact any of our team. We’ll be honest with you about what works, and what doesn’t. We always appreciate the opportunity to visit with those interested in adding Brahman genetics, whether you’re looking for a purebred herd, or just using a Brahman bull in a crossbreeding setting. 

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