BRC Champion Brahmans

What people are saying about BRC’s Championship Females

We are still smiling from the great day of celebrating BRC 805/8 and BRC 117/9 as they were named Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Female at the International Brahman Show in Waco. It was a BRC sweep, as one of our friends said!

When 805 was selected as Grand Champion, we saw the smiles amongst our friends watching in the stands. We felt the pats on the back as our fellow hard working showman back in the make-up ring as they came by to congratulate us. We felt the hugs, and even saw the tears from true friends who were celebrating the victory with us. Within moments, we had text and WhatsApp messages from around the world from friends who were also celebrating back in their homes.

We wanted to share with you a few of the kind compliments we got after the show.

Just wanted to say congratulations! We left Saturday morning so I didn’t get to see y’all. That’s awesome. Y”all have some great ones. – B.H., Texas

Congratulations on a great show, I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for BRC! – A.B., Mexico

Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired a whole new “business” plan and way of thinking for us. We are no longer just wanting to breed pretty cattle now, we want to breed some of the most productive, sound and functional cattle possible, thanks to you. – B.P., Texas

Congratulations to y’all on Champion and Reserve Female at The International! I know y’all have worked hard to continue to breed superior cattle and be industry leaders.  – K.J., Texas

Congratulations! You guys are doing an amazing job! Hard work pays off. Well done! – M.A., Honduras

Congratulations BRC! Your teamwork, drive and hard work really paid off in the production of such a beautifully stunning lady. So proud of both of you!! J.B., Florida

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to recommend bulls and the amazing advice you’ve offered us. My son hauled your catalog around for two days now and we’ve gone over every single bull a dozen times. I appreciate you both for your time and investment in a young man who looks up to your brand!  – J.W., Texas

I love what y’all are doing at BRC! You are definitely top notch!! – S.M., Australia

Congratulations! I was so excited to see your cow win. So deserved. Beautiful female!  – L.A., Texas

Your pair was the real deal! Congratulations! – A.P., Florida

We knew y’all were super busy but we wanted to hug y’alls neck and congratulate y’all on all your wins! We are so pumped for y’all! Congratulations again! – M.T., Texas

Congratulations on your champions! Great cows and even better people! Big hugs to your family! – A.B., Costa Rica

Congratulations! I was rooting for you guys! – R.P., Texas

Congratulations from all of us in Costa Rica! Gods timing is perfect. I know that your moment was yet to come. Keep going! You have my full support from Costa Rica! – C.C., Costa Rica

I am so happy for your success. This is the effort you make every day and the fruits are reflected with discipline, dedication and passion. God bless you and may tomorrow be always better than today. – R.D., Colombia

805 is A1 since Day 1! She got the title she deserves! Congratulations! – C.A., Texas

I know you are probably overwhelmed with well wishers after the most deserving wins. But, I just wanted to tell you again that I would have placed it exactly the same way. You and Brandon should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished and I can’t imagine two people more deserving of being recognized for your hard work. – S.W., Tennessee

Congratulations on a clean sweep! So proud of you guys! – C.G., Texas 

Congratulations to y’all and the BRC team on a great day! Well deserved! They looked really good! Wish I was there. – S.G., Louisiana

I understand ya’ll had Grand and Reserve cow and I wanted to congratulate y’all! Great work my friends! – V.G., Texas

We are super happy for y’all and we just always say we can’t wait for the future but I think y’all just lived a great moment that everyone will remember! The cattle looked so good! Grand and Reserve Grand. Wow! So well deserved!  – E.S., Texas

Congrats on everything! I will visit y’all the next time I’m in town. I really enjoyed catching up with you and Brandon!  – J.D., Texas

Wanted to congratulate you guys on your success! I am so happy for BRC. I knew 805 was unbeatable but your other heifer looked really amazing too! I was excited for y’all! – L.C., Texas

Congratulations on a Brahman sweep! – B.B., Oklahoma

Huge congrats to y’all friends! Y’all have worked hard and earned those banners! Cattle looked fantastic. – B.K, Mississippi

Congratulations on the show! I know someone up in heaven who is really proud. – H.G., Texas

Congratulations!! I am wanting to get back into Brahman at some point and I want to be one of your genetic partners. Y’all are the best. – A.L., Florida

Congratulations on y’alls day today! Two awesome females! – W.T., Alabama

Congrats on the show! So exciting! Very proud of y’all! – G.L., Texas

So proud of y’all! Congrats, you deserve it. Here’s to many more! Been thinking of ya’ll all week. So happy! – N.M., Texas

Y’all are BLESSED! We are so proud of y’all. Hard work and real sacrifice pays off. – C.C., Mississippi

Congratulationson your big win today! I bet that felt good! And I bet your granddad has a big smile on his face!! – D.T., Texas

I’m about to get off work and finally got a chance to text. I watched online and the cattle looked so great. 117 is crazy good! I’m so dang excited for y’all and just wanted to say a heartfelt congratulations. I’m your biggest fan and after all the excitement fades and the lights go out, I’m so proud of you both and I can’t wait to see God’s blessings keep coming for y’all! Congrats. – W.C., Texas

Congratulations to your family from our family! Please start looking for a heifer for us! We would be so proud to have y’alls brand in our show string! – C.P., Louisiana

Congratulations you guys! So happy for y’all! – T.B., Texas

Congratulations on the big wins! Sorry I’m missing the party lol! – J.S., Louisiana

Congratulations! That good karma is paying off!  – S.B., Texas

WoW! Congratulations! You guys have worked so hard for this and I’m so happy for you!  – R.P., Texas

WHOOP! Truly amazing cattle and MUCHO deserved grand and reserve champions at the most important Brahman show on planet earth. Gig em!  – P.R., Texas

I am in a store and I saw that y’all won and I literally screamed with joy!! And tears! Congratulations!! – M.M., Texas

I just want to congrats you all! You are the best one, Rachel!! I am so happy for the championship, all my family and I send my best wishes. And congratulations to everyone! One of a kind!!!  – E.F., Mexico

Hi Rachel! May God bless BRC and your family and friends!  – A.B., South Africa

Congratulations Rachel! I love your Brahman livestock! Just good lines! Your cow is so beautiful. I’m going to celebrate your victory! Cheers my friend and again congrats! – R.S., Panama

Your heifer 75 is a champion! Excellent genetics! You can cross her with whatever! She sure is beautiful. Boombox is also perfect. What blessings that your family has done so well for you. The show was excellent. I loved it. – R.D., Colombia 

Congratulations to you and Brandon! Very happy for you. Today I was thinking for you all day, and then you won, and it is incredible. I am very happy for your grand champion female.  – C.C., Panama

So happy for you guys! She deserved to win before in the past but this win makes it even sweeter!  – E.C., Honduras

It was so nice seeing y’all this weekend! I loved getting to hug you in the makeup ring right after that win! You made me cry. So happy for y’all! – A.G., Texas

You go you good thing! Enjoy the win. Soak it up! – P.B., Texas

“One loyal friend is worth a million fake ones.”

While the banners are certainly ones we will treasure, what means the most is the kindness and encouragement from all of our friends. This is a win we share with anyone who’s ever been told “You can’t do it” or “You won’t ever make it.” Keep working. Keep believing. Keep at the grind. Keep taking the high road day after day, and focusing on your goals. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us in the past few days. Your kind words mean everything to us.

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