Unveiling the Spectacular Lineup for the 2023 BRC Night of Champions

October 18, 2023

The excitement is building, and the anticipation is high as we proudly unveil the lineup of items that will be featured in the upcoming 2023 BRC Night of Champions! This year’s event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of excellence, and we’re thrilled to share a sneak peek of the remarkable offerings that await you on this enchanting night.

Flexibility for all!

Even if you can’t be there in person, we’ve got you covered! International patrons and those unable to attend can still make their draft selections via phone, Whats App, or text, ensuring no one misses out on this riveting opportunity.

Brandon Cutrer: 601-466-7536
Rachel Cutrer: 979-218-4157
Keaton Dodd: 512-924-9954
Haleigh Carlisle: 210-294-2857

Any of these team members can assist you with remote selections or purchases if you cannot attend. We will do our best to help you pull the cards of your desired purchase.

October 20th: Your Moment To Shine!

At 7 p.m. sharp, the #1 draft pick holder – for the second year in a row – 4G Farms of Florida – will take center stage and take the coveted “first pick” of any of the offerings on the draft board. Last year, they selected BRC Shaka Rita 138, who has went on to be a many time champion in Florida. This year, at 7 p.m. on Friday night, the Brahman world will eagerly await to see their exciting selection!

Then, a random draw will determine the draft order for spots 2 through 6 from the ranches who hold draft pick tickets, namely Garrett Cattle Company, Canebrake Cattle, Palmetto Springs, and Breath Easy Farms. 

After the 6 official draft choices, the draft board opens to the public for an exhilarating event! Get ready for a frenzy as individuals zealously pick their favorites from over 70 distinct items on the draft boards.

As we count down the days to this remarkable event, we invite you to contact us if you would like to participate or we can assist you remotely on any of these purchases.

Get ready to celebrate the champions in the future of ranching with us!

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