Two BRC Females Named to Maternal Merit

March 18, 2024

Of all the awards earned by BRC at the Houston 2024 show, this one is the one we are most proud of: BRC Ranch achieved two maternal merit awards outlining our ranch’s focus on fertility and functionality in our cow herd.

The ABBA’s Maternal Merit award is one that recognizes females within the herd with a superior calving interval and calves that consistently perform above average within their contemporary group for multiple years. While we consider it fairly easy to win a Register of Renown award because it’s simply a hauling contest of who attends the most shows – this award truly reflects the focus of an operation’s production program. And, this award has eluded us for the first five to ten years of being in the Brahman business. When we started BRC in 2019, improving the fertility and functionality of our cow herd was one of our main priorities.

To achieve the maternal merit award, a cow must have a calf within a desirable calving window for a period of three consecutive years. So, achieving this award also takes years to achieve. We are very proud that while starting BRC in 2019, we achieved our first maternal merit awards in 2024.

This year’s winners were 818/8 and 978/8 females.

This milestone award for BRC is a reflection of Brandon’s sharp focus on production efficiency first and foremost in our cow herd along with his outstanding management.

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