Rachel Speaks at Purina Genetic Summit in Missouri

July 16, 2022

Rachel Cutrer represented BRC as a guest speaker at the 2022 Purina Genetic Summit, held July 11 to 13 at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Missouri.

This event was a special educational conference for elite seedstock producers nationwide. Approximately 80 top seedstock cattle producers were in attendance. Keaton Dodd, director of genetics here at BRC, was one of the 80 individuals invited to the conference.

Rachel served as a speaker for “What Does The Beef Industry Look Like in 2032.” She was able to share great insight into how BRC went from 0 acres and 6 cows when they married to now being the 2022 BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year. This talk was inspiring to many of the young beef producers in attendance as well as old.

Other speakers included Dr. Ron Scott, Dr. Tom Field, Dr. Bob Weaber, Dr. Jordan Thomas, Dr. Jon DeClerk, Dr. Chad Zehnder, Dr. Steven Myers, Mark McCully, CEO of American Angus Association; Rob Thomas of Thomas Angus Ranch; Tim Schiefelbein of Schiefelbein Farms, James Henderson of Bradley 3 Ranch, Scott Eaton, and Gordan Jamison of Jamison Ranch.

Rachel’s Travel Diary:

Transportation: A quick 2 hour flight from Houston IAH to St. Louis made this a very easy travel day. I watched the entire season of Cocaine Cowboys on Netflix during the flights.

Lodging: This was the best! We stayed at the Holiday Inn – Six Flags Eureka – which was one of the old vintage Holiday Inn “FunDome” hotels. Gave me flashbacks to showing as a kid and the All Americans! ha. I sent the picture to Mollie, who had never seen a FunDome, and she replied “WHOA!”

Food: Most of the event was catered and the food was amazing! We enjoyed lots of beef dinners including filets, new york strips, and steak sandwiches. We loved the food from The Hawthorne Inn.

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