Top Brahman AI Sires of 2021 Announced

January 2, 2022

Due to climate smart ranching, thousands of ranchers worldwide selected Brahman bulls for use in both pure breeding programs and in crossbreeding programs to add heat tolerance, while maintaining or improving beef quality through BRC’s progressive carcass improvement program.

Keaton Dodd, director of genetics for Brahman Country Genetics, announced the top selling Brahman AI sires for 2021.

captain brahman bull

1. M2 BRC Captain 518/1

Captain claims the #1 most popular Brahman bull position from BRC’s Noble, who has held the spot for the last three years (2020, 2019, 2018). With over $275,000 in lifetime semen sales, Captain is a preferred choice for ranchers all around the world for his moderate and desirable frame size, tremendous muscle, and outstanding dispositions. This year, Captain sired the high selling female at BRC, BRC Ella Bella Boom, for $40k+. His semen has sold to every continent where cattle are raised in the last year. Semen is only available internationally at this time.

Noble Brahman Bull

2. BRC’s Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble

All good things must come to an end. Noble semen was taken off the market in second quarter 2021. Even still, with only three months of semen sales, he still ranks as #2 on the list for 2021. Noble is the #1 sire of champions in the USA for 2021 and currently ranks #2 in the ABBA Register of Renown. He is currently in natural service at BRC Ranch. With more than $650,000 in lifetime semen sales revenue, Noble is considered my many as one of the greatest Brahman bulls of all time. He is consistent, works well on numerous types of females, is high performing, and is extremely gentle. Noble is owned by SRS Land & Cattle, BRC, and J.D. Hudgins – Locke Division.

BRC Dutton

3. BRC Dutton 376/8

Dutton claims the #3 spot for the second year in a row. His semen has been sold out since summer 2021 and is sold week to week from a wait list. Brahman breeders love Dutton’s moderate frame, sound structure, solid grey color and clean sheath. Dutton is owned by BRC and Garrett Cattle Company in the USA, with Australian rights owned by Garglen Brahmans and Subsahara breeding rights owned by LAB Brahmans. In just two years, Dutton has generated more than $180,000 in semen sales worldwide.

4. +Mr. V8 279/7 (P)

Consistency puts 279 in the #4 position. This Register of Renown sire has a longstanding record of producing high quality polled cattle. 279 is another sire who has garnered more than $100,000 in lifetime semen sales and has been a popular favorite worldwide.

brc peanut 641/8

5. BRC Peanut 641/8

A new sire for 2021, BRC Peanut 641/8 gained worldwide popularity and recognition as a great option for those wanting to add the 380 bloodline. He is very gentle, has lots of bone, and has a dark pigment. Peanut is owned by BRC and Cheryl Greiner of Texas.

BRC 160/8

6. BRC 160/8

Moving up four positions in 2021, 160’s first calves around the world have built a strong demand for this young sire. He is emerging as our top producer of high quality sons, similar to his sire Noble. 160 claims this spot on the list with no USA semen sales other than 10 units offered in our December 2021 VIP sale offering. He has also been on the “sold out” list all year, with semen being sold week to week as it is produced. His initial Australian semen offering sold out in less than 1 week. 160 is owned by Arms Cattle Company and BRC Ranch.

mr v8 259/7 brahman show bull

7. BRC Mr. V8 259/7

A ten-year member of the top selling AI sires list, 259 is loved around the world for his moderate frame size, clean sheath, uniform color, outstanding quality, and carcass merit. This former Reserve National Champion Bull is especially popular in South America. 259 is one of the top selling Brahman AI sires of our program of all time, with more than $250,000 in lifetime semen sales.

8. BRC Mr. V8 794/7 (P)

Declining slightly from #5 to #8, BRC’s Mr. V8 794/7 (P) is deceased, and his semen is not typically offered to the United States breeders, and on a limited basis internationally. He tremendously popular worldwide sire as many breeders like his frame size, power, performance, red tinge color, and fertility. 794 is a proven producer of championship cattle in the USA and is a solid go-to when you want the best in polled Brahman genetics.

BRC V8 Yetistone 588

9. BRC Yetistone 588/8

A new bull on the list for 2021, YetiStone is one of three sons of Boom Shaka Laka on the list, and sired by V8 Ranch’s “Yeti” bull, Mr. V8 933/7. YetiStone is a very good dispositioned, moderate framed, heavy boned Brahman AI sire who was introduced in 2021 and widely accepted. He saw natural service at the JB Show Cattle / Braman ranch in the summer 2021 and should produce some outstanding calves from that program.

Mr V8 372/8 Boom Town

10. BRC Boomtown 372/8

Rounding out the list, and moving down from #4 in the 2020 report is Boomtown, the full brother to Dutton. Even at the #10 spot, he has sold over 2500 units of semen, and has been very popular in both the USA for a low birthweight calving ease sire, and internationally. This is another great example of a moderate framed, outstanding young Brahman sire with lots of natural muscle and perfect structure. He is being used in natural service at Southwest Stallion Station in their Brahman herd, and we look forward to seeing those calves in 2022.

Brahman semen sales through BRC / Brahman Country Genetics have continued to grow exponentially since our creation in 2019. In 2021, we served more than 500 cattle ranchers worldwide.

Our brand is our bond. Every day at BRC is dedicated to breeding and selling exceptional cattle with the highest integrity. We place people before profit because we understand that, above all else, the key to successful ranching lies in trusting relationships.

From day one, BRC has been synonymous with top quality. Our uncompromising standards are what allows us to develop the best Brahman genetics in the world, to support sustainability in the global beef industry and to keep our customers and partners smiling.

We uphold our ancestors’ legacy by continuously striving for higher levels of excellence through the latest advancements. Today, it’s our strong background in animal science/genomics and our daring spirit of innovation that drive BRC forward.

We offer free breeding consultations for any interested breeders looking to learn more about Brahman cattle, climate smart ranching, or improving the beef quality of your herd with Brahman bulls. Please request a semen estimate to get started or call us at 979-532-9141.

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