The Making of Legends: What is a Vanguard Brahman?

March 30, 2022

by Keaton Dodd

The American Brahman’s Greatest Award

Have you ever wondered why there is a $ sign in front of your favorite cow, or a (+) symbol in front of the names of some of the breed’s most influential sires? Beginning in the late 70’s, Vanguard has been a distinction given to Brahman bulls and cows who have met the following criteria:

1. Qualified as maternal merit, or a maternal merit sire (the award given for production efficiency)

2. Entered in the Register of Renown (the award given for progeny show ring winnings)

Considering the multiple levels these cattle are expected to reach, it’s no surprise that this list is somewhat exclusive. Since its inception, there have been 16 Vanguard females, and 25 sires.

*$JDH Gregory R Manso Directly Responsible for 8 0f the other Vanguard recipients.

To earn the title of Maternal Merit, a female must meet the following requirements:

  • First, she needs to calve before 36 months of age.
  • Second, she needs to have at least 3 calves with performance data recorded.
  • Third, she is expected to maintain a regular calving interval. Must raise at least 3 consecutive calves within a 365 (or less) day window.
  • And lastly, this female needs to average a weaning ratio of at least 101.

To earn the designation of a Maternal Performance Sire, a bull must sire at least 3 Maternal Merit daughters.

And the third portion, Register of Renown, requires that a female earns at least 75 points across two of her produce and for a bull 200 points across 5 of his get. These points are awarded to cattle for their individual performance at ABBA sanctioned shows.

As you can see, these criteria are very hard to meet, and what seems to be the limiting factor for most Brahman breeders is the “regular calving interval” part.

*$JDH Lady Ellis Manso 178/2, Vanguard female who is the mother of Elmo and the Grandmother of Noble.

Who Are the Vanguards?

So, let’s look at the Vanguards of our breed.

As we look back at the legacy of many of the great cows and bulls that have earned the designation of Vanguard, it is clear that their production helped shape where Brahman cattle are today. We can only hope that these lists continue to grow over the years as we pursue adding a few of BRC’s Modern American Brahmans to this list. Our goal is building better Brahman, and we hope to add Vanguard Sire and Vanguard Dam to the many contributions the BR Cutrer brand has offered the breed we all love the most.

Vanguard Bulls
(+)JDH Gregory R Manso1976
(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso 590/61980
(+)JDH Remington Manso 784/21981
(+)JDH Atari Manso 601/11984
(+)JDH Manso Grande 4121982
(+)JDH Dakota Manso 5991990
(+)JDH Mr. Crat Manso 651/21988
(+)JDH Madison de Manso 737/41990
(+)JDH Copano Manso 839/91992
(+)JDH Mr. Manso 449/11994
(+)JDH Sir Marri Manso1994
(+)JDH Datapack Manso1995
(+)WR Mr. Suva 2031977
(+)Mr. V8 883/21982
(+)Mr. V8 777/21981
(+)Mr. V8 202/31985
(+)Mr. BP 5941995
(+)JJ Didor Crata 3891981
(+)JDH Sir Lawford Manso2000
(+)JDH Mr. Woodman Manso2000
(+)JDH Mr. Woodson Manso2004
(+)JDH Karu Manso 8001994
(+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso 847/52002
(+)JDH JDH Atlas Manso 328/32000
(+)SCD Didor Esto 302/12005

Vanguard Cows
$JJ Ms Tippu Manso 1851974
$JJ Miss Poncrata 3041978
$JJ Ms Mont Crata 6101985
$JJ Ms Dos Didor 5431984
$JJ Ms Suva Didor 71989
$BB Ms Manso 871984
$BB Empress Berch 2861995
$OLP MS Country Sue 2391990
$JDH Lady Ellis Manso 178/21986
$JDH JDH Lady Manso 945/81988
$Miss V8 910/41993
$Miss AT 1041996
$JDH Lady Carol Manso 275/72006
$JDH MS Amos Manso 9452008
$JDH Lady Renee Manso 273/42008
$D Bar Miss 766/12011

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