The BRC Modern Brahman is Headed to Costa Rica

October 23, 2023

BRC Ranch is proud to announce the recent shipment of 5 outstanding Brahman heifers and 1 outstanding Brahman bull to Dr. Claudio Ohrlich of Costa Rica. This project represents two months of collaboration on the genetic improvement project to elevate Dr. Ohrlich’s herd and in turn, provide outstanding American Brahman genetics to fellow ranchers in Costa Rica.

The logistical coordination for this significant cattle export was achieved through the collaborative efforts of BRC, Dr. Ohrlich, Wharton Vet Clinic and World Wide Livestock Express. This blog post sheds light on this noteworthy shipment and its implications for the future of cattle breeding in Costa Rica.

The Cattle: A Dream in the Making for Dr. Ohrlich’s Ranch

The heart of this shipment lies in the six exceptional cattle – five heifers and one bull. In the fall of 2023, Dr. Ohrlich contacted BRC Ranch, and began discussions on the search for the most outstanding heifers available at the ranch at that time. The BRC team began collaborating, and the heifers were handpicked by Brahman breeders and esteemed Brahman cattle judges: Brandon Cutrer, Rachel Cutrer, and Keaton Dodd. The cattle were selected for their exceptional genetics, uniformity, and promise in enhancing the American Brahman breed in Costa Rica. Dr. Claudio Ohrlich, a visionary in the Brahman cattle breeding world, recognized the potential of these animals to elevate his ranch’s breeding program to a new level of excellence and the deal was made.

Logistics: A Journey from Texas to Costa Rica

The journey of these cattle from Boling, Texas, to Dr. Ohrlich’s ranch in Costa Rica was no small feat. However, the talented professionals of World Wide Livestock Express are experts in the logistics of cattle and livestock shipping worldwide and handled the task with perfection. Careful planning and execution were essential to ensure the health and well-being of these animals. The cattle were transported by ground from BRC Ranch to Miami International Export, a vital hub for livestock exports. This step was crucial in ensuring a seamless transition for the cattle from the United States to Costa Rica.

The next leg of the journey saw these valuable animals board a flight from Miami to Costa Rica. The meticulous coordination between authorities, ground handlers, and the airline played a crucial role in guaranteeing a smooth and safe journey for the cattle. This exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of the teams involved in this remarkable shipment.

Logistical Partners: Wharton Vet Clinic and World Wide Livestock Express

The success of this cattle shipment would not have been possible without the contributions of Wharton Vet Clinic and World Wide Livestock Express. Wharton Vet Clinic, known for its expertise in large animal medicine and its commitment to animal health and welfare, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the cattle were in outstanding health condition for their journey and met all requirements for quarantine and health standards. This expertise was invaluable in preparing the cattle for the long-distance voyage to Costa Rica.

World Wide Livestock Express, a global leader in livestock exports, took charge of the complex logistics involved in moving the cattle from the United States to Costa Rica. Their extensive experience in the industry and their commitment to animal welfare ensured that the cattle arrived safely at their destination.

Implications for Dr. Claudio Ohrlich’s Ranch

Dr. Claudio Ohrlich’s ranch in Costa Rica is set to witness a transformative shift in its breeding program with the arrival of these exceptional American Brahman cattle from BRC Ranch. These animals – sired by M2 BRC Captain and BRC 542/8 – bring with them the genetics and potential to enhance the quality and productivity of the existing Brahman herd, potentially positioning Dr. Ohrlich’s ranch as a major player in the cattle breeding industry in Central America.

The BRC cattle shipment to Costa Rica is more than just a logistical feat; it represents a convergence of expertise, vision, and dedication in the field of cattle breeding. As these American Brahman cattle settle into their new home in Costa Rica, we anticipate remarkable developments in Dr. Claudio Ohrlich’s Brahman program. This story is a testament to the international reach and significance of the American Brahman breed and the pivotal role it plays in shaping the future of cattle breeding worldwide.

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