Thank You for Letting Me Show!

June 18, 2020

Leslie Hufnagel, a Hereford breeder from Oklahoma sent me this poem several years ago, and I’ve always saved it because it’s so touching. It was originally written by her two daughers (Cassidy & Cobie..then ages 9 and 11) as a present to her stepfather Jerry Edwards on Father’s Day.

I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. We can never say thank you enough to those who help us along the way.

Thank You For Letting Me Show

Its Fathers Day and I’m writing this letter
To let you know that you’ve made my life better

I could never repay you all that I owe
For all of your hard work and letting me show

Showing cattle is something that I truly love
It’s more than a hobby – it’s in my blood

It builds my self confidence and makes me feel proud
Even though I’m a little nervous in front of the crowd

It’s taught me to be gracious whether I win or lose
And that is a life skill that I can always use

It was the trophies and ribbons that drew me in
But I stay for the memories and lifelong friends

Showing cattle is something that we do together
It builds a strong family bond that will last forever

So I thank god each night when I pray
For you, and grandma, and this game that we play

But this game that we play comes with a price
And money and time is what you sacrifice

You take care of the cows and calves as they grow
Then you help me pick out which one to show

You buy the chips and even pay for the feed
And always make sure we have what we need

You help me and teach me all that you know
Then help load the trailer when we go to the show

So I just try to work hard and have a good attitude
Because I don’t know how else to express my gratitude

Without you to raise ‘em and haul ‘em and such
I’m afraid my show career wouldn’t amount to much

So THANK YOU Grandpa for all that you do
For your hard work and generosity
have helped make a little girls dreams come true

We Love You Grandpa,
Cassidy & Cobie

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