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Santa’s Helper: Brahman Style

It’s the holiday season and we know how hard it is to get unique, exciting gifts for your loved ones who seem to have everything! If you have someone special in your life who LOVES BRAHMAN CATTLE, then let BRC help you secure the coolest and most unique Christmas gift you can imagine: BRAHMANS.

We do this every year for Brahman friends. We’re good at keeping secrets and helping you pull off a Christmas gift sure to impress! Because hey, Amazon doesn’t ship Brahmans now do they?

Here are a few ideas of how we can help.

The Ultimate Brahman Country Experience: Starting at $5000

This is the ultimate gift for any Brahman lover! And here’s how it works!

  • Book this package with Rachel Cutrer to get it set up.
  • Rachel will send you a custom printed “certificate” to present during your gift exchange.
  • After Christmas, come to our ranch and select your perfect Brahman bull or heifer from our BRC sale pens. You will see a tour of our operation from Brandon Cutrer, get a Brahman Country gift bag with caps, shirts, goodie and more, get a authentic Texas BBQ lunch (or Mexican food if you prefer), – and then have the opportunity to select take home your choice of the Brahman heifer or bull within your respective budget. Cattle are available from $5000 and up to fit all budgets. This makes a GREAT and remarkable Christmas present because it gives you an experience you’ll never forget, it’s something unique, and it ultimately is the gift that gives back because investing in Brahman cattle will reap you profits in future years as you are able to sell the offspring.


Brahman Heifer Gift Packs – Starting at $10,000

Call us crazy, but mostly every gift Brandon or I give each other somehow involves Brahman cattle. For his birthday this year, I bought him a herd bull from Mark Forgason of J.D. Hudgins. He loved it! For my birthday years ago, he gave me Elmo semen – which ultimately resulted in producing Noble, the greatest bull in BRC history!

Come out and take your pick from the Brahman heifers in our BRC sale pens, choosing anywhere from 2 to 5 head depending on how many you’d like to add! Heifers are available from $5000 and up.  Email us to get this going.

Again, this is a great gift because it’s tax deductible (compared to jewelry which isn’t lol), and, it ends up paying for itself over time. Plus, how cool would you be if you tell your friends as work “Oh yes, my husband got me 5 Brahman heifers for Christmas.” – or how cool your husband would feel if he told all his buddies “You’ll never guess how cool my wife is! She got me 2 Brahman heifers for Christmas!”

Bam. You win best Christmas gift of 2019.


If you’re looking for some other options, how about these:

Santa’s Semen Helper for Ladies: (Geez, we might get labelled as spam for writing that lol)

  • How impressive would it be to your man if you get him the perfect Brahman semen to match up to his favorite cow. Now THAT’S something you don’t hear most women getting their man lol. Beats a tie and socks any day. We can help! All you have to do is send us a picture and the name or registration # of your man’s favorite Brahman cow.
  • We’ll look up her pedigree, help you identify what she could use for improvement, and recommend the best Brahman AI sire for her. Then, we’ll print off a gift certificate for you to slip under the tree! It’ll really show your man that you’ve been studying up on Brahman cattle pedigrees and have done your research! 🙂
  • Also check out our Brahman embroidered mens wallets, leather koozies, and luggage tags…..they are a great item!
  • Order Brahman Country Beef and have it shipped for a unique holiday meal!

Gifts for Brahman Kids:

  • Rachel Cutrer’s Sarah the Showman books are perfect for Brahman kids! Check them out on Amazon or the RHD store.


If we can help you with any of these items, just email us or call us at 979-218-4157 or 979-532-9141. We are glad to be your Santa’s helper for 2019. Although, we can’t promise we can gift wrap a bull lol.


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