Santa Cruz Ranch Acquires Interest in BRC Republic of Texas 36

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B.R. Cutrer, Inc. announced today the sale of half-interest in BRC Republic of Texas 36 “El Tejano” to Santa Cruz Ranch of Victoria, Texas. 

“El Tejano” is a purebred Brahman bull who has captured the attention of Brahman breeders worldwide for his outstanding combination of performance, intriguing bloodlines, and unique phenotype. 

“El Tejano is a bull that we love not only for his deep red color, but his muscling is outstanding,” said Hector Santa Cruz. “Not only that – but his combination of being a low birth weight bull with extreme performance and his genetics being a Noble son out of a 380 X 805 daughter caught our eye. He will make an impact in both red and grey Brahman herds.” 

“El Tejano” is sired by BRC’s world-famous sire, Noble, who also ranks as the #1 sire of champions in the USA for 2019 and 2020 according to The Brahman Journal data. His dam, Miss V8 507/7, is a former show ring winner in which BRC purchased half interest from Southern Cattle Company. 507 is sired by the popular +Mr. V8 380/6, who was the #1 sire of champions in the USA prior to Noble taking over the top spot in 2019 and out of the famous +Miss V8 805/6 cow. 

Equally impressive as his pedigree, “El Tejano” puts together one of the most impressive genetic scripts seen to date. He ranks in the top 3% or better of the Brahman breed registry for WW, YW, TM, DOC, TEND, CW, and REA. 

 “With an actual BW of 65 and an adjusted YW of 1227, this true curve bender boasts a birth to yearling spread that has never been seen before in the Brahman breed,” says Keaton Dodd, BRC director of genetics. “The Brahman world can use 36 in their program and expect a worry-free calving season, true weaning/ yearling performance, and a promising replacement pen.” 

El Tejano is expected to enter stud collection in fall 2021. 

“We have enjoyed building a great relationship with the Santa Cruz family over the last five years,” stated Brandon Cutrer, co-owner of BRC. “We are very excited to work together to promote El Tejano’s influence around the world and especially excited to partner together with Hector and Enrrique Santa Cruz to focus on El Tejano’s potential genetic influence with a focus on Central America and Asia. 

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