Partnership Bull FAQs

December 10, 2021

Here at BRC, our brand is our bond. And, we value integrity and transparency as two of our most core principles. We put together this post to help answer some FAQs about how partnerships can work when owning bulls.

Through our many years in the cattle business – as both buyers and sellers – we’ve seen some great partnerships, and we’ve seen some disasters.

That’s why we are happy to answer any question, no matter how basic or how advanced, about how together we can work to make a great partnership experience for everyone involved.

What does half-interest mean?

Half-interest means that you own half of the rights to the bull, including possession, semen rights, and semen royalties.

Who pays for the feed bill on the bull?

If the bull is in the show barn, each owner pays their % of the feed bill based on the current daily show feed rate. For example, if the daily rate is $20 per day, and you own 50% of the bull, you would pay $10 per day for show feed and care.

If the bull is on grass, or just naturally breeding bulls, whichever owner has possession of the bull is responsible for his feed and care.

Who pays the semen collection expense on the bull?

When he is at a bull stud, the feed and boarding expense is split 50/50.

When the bull is dropped off at the bull stud, we notify the business of each owner’s share. You will be billed directly from the bull stud and you will pay the bull stud directly for your portion of the expense. The bull studs charge a daily boarding fee, a collection fee, and then a small fee per unit of semen produced.

What if there is a vet bill?

Any veterinary expenses will be split 50/50. Both parties are consulted before any major veterinarian charges may incur.

Will I be listed as an owner on the bull’s registration paper?

While the bull is being shown, ownership will be listed as BRC. The bull will be exhibited under BRC’s name. Once the show career is over, ownership will be reflected as multiple owners. Upon purchase, you will receive a statement of ownership listing your ownership percentage. All owners will be listed in any show signage, advertisements, etc.

Can I be a silent partner on the bull?

Yes, if you request. We would respect your privacy. If you do not wish to have your name listed as an owner, we can provide a notarized affidavit stating your proof of ownership along with an official bill of sale.

Do I get to keep the bull at my ranch?

Possession on the bull is split 50/50. Meaning, you would get the bull one breeding season, and we get it the next. The new owner has the right for the first breeding season. Usually this is worked out in a fairly casual way between owners.

What if I don’t want to keep the bull at my ranch?

That’s fine too. If you’re buying solely for an investment / to use in AI and flushing, that’s fine. You are under no obligation to house the bull at your ranch, ever, if you don’t want to. We are happy to keep him here at BRC at no extra cost to you. If at any point you do decide you’d like to use him at your ranch, you are welcome to get him.

Who sells the semen on the bull?

We prefer to market the semen through our company Brahman Country Genetics. We are a professional semen sales company with a full time staff that can maintain semen releases and inventory. However, you are welcome and encouraged to promote the bull too, and if you make any semen sales you simply notify our team and we can invoice your clients.

What if I buy the bull and I don’t want to sell semen in the USA?

Totally fine. We understand that some people may be investing in the bull for semen sales royalties, while others may be investing in the bull to keep these high power genetics exclusive within their own herd. We leave the choice of whether or not we sell semen in the USA up to the new buyer. Either way is fine with us.

Can I buy the rights for a specific country?

Yes. If you are an international bidder and you buy the interest in the bull, you can have control over whether you want to sell semen in your own country, or region.

How much can I expect to make in semen sales royalties.

While we intend for these bulls to be AI sires, we make no guarantee of any type of dollar amount of semen sales, volume of semen sales, etc.

How are royalties paid?

Partner semen royalty checks are issued monthly to partners in the USA and quarterly to international partners.

Do you charge a commission to sell the semen?

Yes. Brahman Country Genetics takes a 10% commission on all semen sales we handle. So, each partner pays a 5% commission. Additionally, if orders are placed via our online store, there is a 3% credit card fee that is deducted as well, split between both parties.

If I refer customers to buy semen on the bull, do I get the commission?

Yes, if you make contacts that result in semen sales we are happy to pay you the commission. Typically we ask that all invoicing is still done through Brahman Country Genetics. You would just be listed as the sales representative and you would receive the 10% commission (5% from each party).

What does the commission cover?

This covers Brahman Country Genetics marketing of the semen, including but not limited to, photography, videography, print advertising, advertising in The Brahman Journal, inclusion in semen catalogs, inclusion on the website, listing in the online store, promotion of the sire to our network of clients, email blasts, promotion on social media, and more. We work very hard to promote our entire lineup of bulls and by being a partner with us you are able to benefit from our network of marketing experience through both BRC and Ranch House Designs.

Can I advertise the bull on my own too if I want?

Yes, of course. Any owner is welcome to advertise their ownership of the bull, list them on their own website, run an ad on him, etc. in addition to the marketing we provide.

If I am an international buyer, can I ship my portion of the semen to my home country?

Yes. When the semen is collected, it is automatically put into each owner’s respective accounts at the bull stud. So, for example, if a bull produces 100 units, Partner A receives 50 units and Partner B receives 50 units. You are welcome to export your semen to your home country. However if you ship all your semen and have none to provide towards semen orders, then you would not receive a portion of that royalty.

Did we miss any of your questions?
We are happy to talk through what a bull partnership looks like. Please call Brandon at 601-466-7536 or Rachel at 979-218-4157 to discuss any questions.

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