Over the Hump Podcast Episode 1

December 21, 2023

It’s live! Episode 1 of Over The Hump is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and more!

Episode Highlights

If you enjoyed hearing about our favorite animals, here are some links:

“I absolutely love your “Over the Hump” concept. BRC, one again, is setting the new standard for serious “breeders” not just “propagators of livestock. I hope it really takes off because you’re providing education that is unfortunately really missing right now.


“I’m proposing a new rule in ABBA: All podcasts must be at least one hour long!” Seriously, it was great.


“Listened to the first episode and I’m so excited to finally have a Brahman podcast! There were a couple of times I was like, someone is finally saying what needs to be said lol! But good luck with the launch!

“I have been wanting a Brahman podcast for so long! I listen to a lot of podcasts, one of my favorites is the Angus underground, they really break down subjects in a talk show format. Good luck and Congratulations!


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