Noble Son Crowned National Champion Bull at the 2024 AMCC Mexico National Show

May 6, 2024

The 2024 AMCC Mexico National Show, held in April in the bustling city of Villahermosa, Mexico, was a showcase of some of the finest Brahman cattle in the region. But it was RGO Ibrain de Montebello FIV 259/2 who stole the spotlight, clinching the title of National Champion Bull. Bred and owned by the esteemed Rancho Montebello, this exceptional bull has quickly become a celebrated figure in the world of Brahman cattle.

RGO Ibrain de Montebello FIV 259/2 is sired by the legendary Noble, a sire renowned for his genetic superiority and his significant contributions to the Brahman breed globally. Noble’s progeny have consistently exhibited top-tier performance, superior genetics, and desirable breed characteristics, making them favorites among breeders and showmen alike.

The victory of RGO Ibrain de Montebello FIV 259/2 at Villahermosa is not just a testament to his outstanding genetic makeup but also to the meticulous breeding practices at Rancho Montebello. This win highlights the ranch’s commitment to excellence and its status as a top breeder in the industry.

The AMCC Mexico National Show is a pivotal event in the Brahman cattle calendar, drawing competitors from across the nation and serving as a platform for showcasing top genetic lines. The competition was fierce, with numerous well-bred contenders vying for the top honors. However, RGO Ibrain de Montebello FIV 259/2, with his impressive build, excellent conformation, and commanding presence, was a clear standout, captivating the judges and audience alike.

This triumph is particularly significant as it reinforces the legacy of Noble’s lineage, underscoring the bull’s continuing influence on the breed. It also sets a high standard for future competitions, promising exciting developments in the Brahman cattle breeding world.

Rancho Montebello, with its history of producing high-quality Brahman cattle, continues to influence the breed’s development positively. Their focus on combining superior genetics with optimal ranching practices has consistently placed them at the forefront of the industry.

Semen on Noble is available through BRC Ranch.

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