Noble Daughter Clinches Reserve National Champion Cow of Paraguay

May 6, 2024

In a striking testament to the enduring legacy of superior genetics, a daughter of the illustrious Brahman sire Noble has been named the Reserve National Champion Cow at Paraguay’s esteemed national cattle show. At just 23 months old and already 8 months pregnant, this impressive cow tipped the scales at 1600 pounds, showcasing the remarkable traits inherited from her renowned lineage.

Owned by Edwin Janzen, this young cow represents a blend of international and local genetics that is fast becoming a benchmark in the cattle industry. Her sire, Noble, is renowned worldwide for producing progeny that excel in both form and function, making him a favorite among cattle breeders seeking to enhance their herds’ genetic quality. The dam, Edu Angelita 1050, hails from Paraguay, adding a robust local flavor to this cow’s distinguished heritage.

Weighing in at 726 kg (1600 pounds), the cow’s substantial build and excellent condition, especially while heavily pregnant, speak volumes about her health and the care she receives from her owner. Her weight and condition at such a young age and stage of pregnancy are particularly noteworthy, underscoring her potential as a top-tier breeding cow capable of contributing significantly to the genetic advancement of her breed.

The title of Reserve National Champion Cow is a prestigious honor that highlights not only the cow’s impeccable genetics and impressive physical attributes but also the careful management and strategic breeding decisions made by Edwin Janzen. This accolade is not just a win for Janzen but a win for the advancement of Brahman cattle genetics in Paraguay.

As the Brahman community celebrates this victory, it also looks forward with anticipation to the future contributions of this cow and her forthcoming offspring. With her strong genetic background and proven show ring prowess, she is poised to leave a lasting impact on the Brahman breed in Paraguay and beyond. This achievement reaffirms the importance of strategic breeding and the value of integrating top-tier genetics from around the world to enhance local herds.

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